Blue Hawaii – Blue Gowns

First of all, this song is sick. All I know about Blue Hawaii is that they’re from Canada, they’re signed to Arbutus records and they’ve released an album  called Blooming Summer which you can download for free here. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the title, a lush, very relaxing and collage of hazy dreap pop. Lilac and Blue Gowns are my favorite but there’s something about Blue Gowns that completely captures me everytime I listen to and it’s probably the lyrics.

You ever break up with someone you care about and then start questioning everything that happened? Then you start thinking about all the minor details of them having sex with someone else? Pretty gross isn’t it? Suddenly the person you we’re really into becomes this disgusting trader and you can’t stand the thought of them. Well that annoying part of relationships is what this song is about…

My daydreams go through I think about you thrusting into her,
And I ask myself how stupid can you get…”

I love how this song captures that moment in love because what’s funny about it is that in two months you hook up with someone else and you could care less who’s shtupping who. Reminds me of my favorite new quote…

If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”

I haven’t heard a love song with this type of perspective since Lykke Li and it’s great. Not to mention the slow, dark and extremely emotional feel of the production. Alright, time to hit the ground running but lay back and relax to this one, it’s quite good, enjoy.

Blue Hawaii – Blue Gowns