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Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet (Penguin Prison Remix)


The original Clovers version penned by Bernie Wayne and Lee Morris was covered by greats of the like of Tony Bennett and Bobby Vinton, both being chart toppers in the 50s. And I think that’s what makes LDR quite the bold and daring one to pick a song like this to cover herself. That said, as good as her cover is so is the video that came out with it. A branded content piece of audiovisual short film in the post-war americana style of David Lynch’s film of the same name. I think it was a very good execution by H&M to promote their brand.

Every once in a long while I stumble upon a song that has ‘stopping power’. This is my latest find. From the moment that sick bass line comes in to the way Mr Chris Glover aka Penguin Prison cuts and loops LDR’s vocals this song takes on a life of its own. The star in this rendition is no longer the beautiful lyrics written by Mr Wayne and Mr Morris. It’s about a sick tune we all want to dance to. Almost a minute and fourty seconds into the song you’ll find yourself clapping and dancing in your seat. And that’s one of the interesting parts of this remix, it’s a journey with ups and downs. With parts where it releases itself from it’s dancing constraints and then back at it like it owns your speakers and the dancefloor. This song is best served in a loud volume, be it on your in-ears or in a rich sound system.

If you listen to the original and then you listen to this remix, the former feels almost like a lullaby in front of this. I feel.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet (Penguin Prison Remix)