Shugarfree – Maybe It’s Time (Luka Son Of Wolf Boom Boom REMIX)

This is something I did a few months ago, an unofficial remix for a band Shugarfree from the Dominican Republic. A beer company asked me to do it, but it wasn’t what they were looking for so, I’ve decided to post it anyway. Enjoy!”

You are bound to find Luka around the DR quite a bit, pretty much a DJ regular around those parts as well as all over NYC, and if you’re an EMPT regular then you surely know about Like Diamonds, and I can’t F*&ing wait to here what those guys have coming out next! Every time I have had the pleasure of going to a party that Luka is DJing I always stay longer then I usually plan too because his DJ sets are so sexually, panty droppin’, ass shakin’, party magnificence!

I love the fresh disco/electro feel that he brings to all his music whether its his own or what he plays during parties, it just comes naturally and flawlessly to some.  When you think to hard about anything that you are doing it shows up like the color red.

Unfortunately I haven’t been in NYC all summer so I have missed out on a lot the fun parties that have been going on over there, but if you happen to be in NYC then you should go check out a party that Luka will be Djing tomorrow night, with other DJ’s, DJ B-ROC from The Knocks, AK47, and Ian Wilkes.

If you want to hear more of what Luka Son Of Wolf has up his sleeve then visit his Soundcloud.  I gotta run, there is so much going on right now, but I wish I was at the beach or at some dope end of summer party listening to all these jams, enjoy!

Shugarfree – Maybe It’s Time (Luka Son Of Wolf Boom Boom REMIX)