Get Out There…

Excuse the lack of post this week, I was stuck in the Dominican Republic since Sunday because of Irene so now I’m back in the city playing catchup with my bizz. Anyways, I kept it under wraps but some of yall might have noticed that EMPT was shut down for a good 12 hours last week. Basically, we maxed out our traffic and bandwith limits, again! So once more, I was introduced to some seriously nerdy server system that we have to upgrade to in order to keep this shit afloat. That said, congrats for consuming so much damn music, it cost us a boatload but it makes me extremely happy to see that people are seriously tuning in.

I’ve been out and about more than ever in the last few months and it’s changed my whole outlook on things. Basically, life happens out there, so get out there. The internet makes everything so easy, you don’t have to go to the movie theatre to catch a flick, you don’t have to go outside to catch up with your friends and you can order food while doing that so you don’t have to interrupt your lounging. That’s all fine and dandy but as with all things balance is key so don’t spend your time imitating a life that’s right outside of your door. Technology is amazing but pale in comparison to nature and that mind blowing creations that we are.

Long story short stop looking at this screen and GO OUTSIDE! I’ll leave you with a playlist compliments of the good folks at, it’s perfect for this Friday afternoon, enjoy.

Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix) – Alex Winston

Set Sail (Worship Remix) – LexiconDon

Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix) – Hot Chip

All Of This – Naked And The Famous

Yellow Missing Signs – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

The Place Where You Belong – Lemonade

Slow Death – The Denzels

Ring My Bell (DJ Hotsauce Remix) – Donnis ft. Dev

Swimsuits Ft. Mayer Hawthorne – The Cool Kids

Singin’ – Cosmonaut Grechko