Trails and Ways – Nunca


Expressing love and expressing artistry are one and the same. They’re both fueled by a source stronger than most. The singer (since according to the band everyone sings and I can’t pinpoint if it’s emma, hannah, kbb or i’m quirk — yes those are their names, just as one of their influences is Vanilla Ice) in a dreamy voice tries to manifest that as long as you keep expressing yourself and your feelings I’ll be able to find you.

“you tell me your city is only a maze;
of walls and laws you can’t obey. |
you can’t write laws, and so– you paint
that tattoo on the city arms,
on the city face.”

The track is so humble in the way it conveys feelings and the way it’s written that I believe that this is what actually accomplishes its high likability and its charisma.

If the metaphor of painting graffiti with your affection isn’t powerful enough, the melody of this song just highlights this journey of going after something or someone. It has rock, it has bossa nova, it’s got synths but it’s also pop. These Trails and Ways of Oakland sure do lead to one dreamy voyage to a very special and unique place. And that’s what ultimately won me over in this song.

When you find something so special you Nunca want to let go. This is how I feel about this song. Nunca, nunca.

Trails and Ways – Nunca