Florence + The Machine – No Light, No Light (Breakage Remix)

Dark, emotional, euphoric, I could keep going with everything that this track makes me feel.  Vocally I am always intrigued by Florence, her energy and timing is something that not only as a vocalist myself but as an actor I stare at with her ability to perform with an emotion that you can feel from the outside, in…incredibly deep work here!

We need to remember what we are fighting for in this life, this track really makes me think of what my goals are and why I need to push every single day to obtain these goals.  We are all sitting in the dark somewhere fighting to touch that light which metaphorically is that goal, that dream, the thing we love most that we can’t wait to taste and touch.  I think to be able to train yourself in the dark and know that the light exists is half the battle, even more then half the battle, it helps you to appreciate the light much more and humble yourself once you reach it.

No light, no light in your bright blue eyes
I never knew daylight could be so violent
A revelation in the light of day

You can’t choose what stays and what fades away
And I’d do anything to make you stay.”

I think there are a lot of different meanings that you can take away from this, we can’t automatically jump on love stories but there is always a revelation in all the things that we deem important to us which could be anything, so I say make these lyrics motivation to push for all the important things that you are fighting for, I believe thats what this is all about.

The Breakage remix doesn’t take anything away from the original track, but only adds to it’s deep meaning.  Giving it that extra bass and synth to add a super hero affect to Florence’s already stellar energy, this remix kind of makes me feel like I am in one of the Batman movie’s, particularly this last one.

Check out the the video of the original and you’ll understand this dark and amazing performance that I am talking about, that you feel just by hearing the vocals.

This track has my energy on a whole other level right now, so press play and hopefully you’ll feel that push as well, enjoy!

Florence + The Machine – No Light, No Light (Breakage Remix)