Broken Back – One By One (Alle Farben Remix)

I’ve written quite a bit about Broken Back so I’m stoked to see Allen Farben take on “One By One” and flip it into a feel good track that seems like the perfect swan song as summer fades into the fall. It’s like a subtle little anthem that makes you want to sway back and forth with the percussive groove before releasing into a head rush of a hook that’s equivalent to an exhilarating purge of all negative emotions and only feeling the purest good in your heart and in the world. This track has a proverbial heart of gold where you can hear the best of intentions in every note, a song made to inspire and uplift anyone who fortunately stumbles across it from now and beyond.

You have to take life slowly, one step at a time. If you’re looking to better yourself, you can’t make a 180 degree change in one fell swoop. You have to approach the process piece by piece, strategically choosing which part of yourself to better and strengthening it until you have the power and courage to take the next course of action. It might be frustrating to those who want instant gratification, but if you want to build a foundation with longevity rather than the, let’s say McMansion quality of metaphorical home, then you need to invest in a lengthy process that will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Take things slow and watch the results slowly but surely unfold.

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