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Broken Bells – Holing On For Life (Zed’s Dead Remix)

When I came to we were clearly in a post Apocalyptic place. It was a weird sensation because I kept looking at my cloths and I could tell this wasn’t all real because they weren’t mine. I was in a ’70 style stripe top and jeans and looked like I just walked through a dust […]

Broken Bells – Holding on for Life

Whoever had the idea for The Shins James Mercer and prolific producer Danger Mouse to get together…give that person a fucking medal. Broken Bells, their collaborative project, has released two fantastic albums, described by Rolling Stone as “left field pop” and by the guys as “experimental, but melodic too.” “Holding on for Life,” off their […]

Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside

Here’s the thing — everything about music on this Wednesday has been incredible. I’ve just come across so much good music lately and it’s making me so happy. This song in particular seems to take hold of me in such a way that I can’t stop hitting replay. Haven’t listened to it in a while […]