B.Miles – Running

Good morning loves, I’m sure most of you on the West Coast are still sleeping whilst the East Coasters are tumbling out of bed sipping the dregs of whatever was in the glass on their nightstand from the night before to give them that tiny bit of life that they need.  Hey I know how it goes!  Me, well I’ve been up since 5am with a little monster that decided we should get up before the sun had risen, and probably when most of you were getting home, it’s cool tho I am hittin the town next weekend so if you are out and about, California Street in West Seattle is where it’s at, good vibes and good people my friends.

This felt like the perfect Sunday brunch track, this is exactly what I would be listening to in some “space age” brunch spot in Brooklyn or Manhattan with a delicious bloody Mary, everyone around me looking like they didn’t even go out the night before, keepin the class and style in mint condition.  Los Angeles based artist B.Miles is described as “A dark energizer bunny confused with it’s place in the world.”  I love that, I feel like that’s how a lot of us feel most of the time these days, but the energy of this track, her vocals and the euphoria placed perfectly throughout the track makes you want to recharge and start the weekend all over again.  Press this baby and recharge my loves! xo

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