Niia – BTSTU (Jai Paul Cover)

Niia’s breathy echo captures you upon literally, the first 2 seconds of Jai Paul’s track, not only that but these may be some of the best lyrics I have heard in a while from Jai Paul and Niia couldn’t have complimented it more beautifully and effortlessly.  The symbolism is so beautiful, some times I get too wrapped up in these two things, but I guess when you are a romantic you just can’t help yourself, you see the beauty in ways that others cannot, or choose not too.  I am really big on being able to come up with lyrics that capture a great metaphor/symbolism that isn’t hard for any one person to pick up on.  These lyrics in particular are about being lost, maybe even hitting rock bottom, being so torn by past events and forgetting the magnificent person you once were.  Maybe this is because of love, maybe this is because of traumatic events, in any case you’ve “been gone along time”, but everyone is able to find themselves again, bounce back to reality and back to what things once were.  Everyone is capable of bouncing back from anything, I know this from personal life experiences, but its about wanting it, because the human mind can be lost out at sea forever if it doesn’t learn how to surface and swim.

Don’t fuck with me,
Don’t fuck with me 
Since you shipped my eyes off to sea 
I never knew where i was going
I went where the water was flowing

I know I’ve been gone a long time, but
I’m back and I want what is mine 
I know I’ve been gone a long time, but 
I’m back and I want what is mine.”

Jai Paul’s writing and production abilities are a “mind F*&c” I say this in the most positive way possible.  I completely loose myself in his production, the way the drums and bass kick in is so damn sexy that you just want to melt. Hailing all the way from the UK this musician has all the talents of a great musician up his sleeve.  I have no idea what everyone is doing today but I think I might put this track on repeat on some damn good speakers because wow, the bass just bumps with a vibration that is unreal and just lie around in my underwear all day with some candles lit.  I gave you some good ideas for the rest of your day didn’t I, enjoy!

Niia – BTSTU (Jai Paul Cover)