THRASHOLE – You Want Her

I’m fascinated by recent developments in hip-hop. It’s been amazing to watch a niche genre sprawl into hundreds upon thousands of sub-genres under its umbrella and become an established musical juggernaut. There’s so many exciting sounds to discover these days and THRASHOLE’s debut single is one of them. It’s an edgy new project that apparently will have a revolving lineup which is an exciting concept that I’ve seen with hardcore bands like Shai Hulud, but never in the rap scene. The group’s first single features three killer emcees including Nova Rockafeller, The Buttress, and Blimes Brixton. They bring seriously diverse sounds to the table as Nova spits forebodingly playful bars, Buttress uses a delivery that’s outright eerie, and Blimes is straight heated with precision. The song’s hook is also unforgettable after a single listen – good luck not having “you want her, you want me, you want this, don’t test me” echo through every corner of your skull.

Of course, it’d be impossible to talk about “You Want Her” without mentioning the insane music video. It feels like a three minute horror movie, like something you’d see in The Blair Witch Project or VHS, as the grainy camera bounces around a pitch black bedroom, the only source of light being the camera that keeps each rapper front and center. It’s unnerving, disorienting, and other words, exactly what keeps me coming back to watch again and again. The synergy between each rapper, both sonically and visually, makes THRASHOLE a seriously exciting project in its entirety. Who knows if these three will be present in its next iteration, but I’m ready for whatever comes next.