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Nick Lopez – Carousel

Life is a massive carousel that we’re all going around and around on. Everything moves in cycles, from friendship to work relationships to love. Nick Lopez does well to describe the emotions of the latter on “Carousel”, a wonderful pop track that takes listeners through a journey of fights, break-ups, passion, and make-ups. The duet […]

Carousel – Another Day

If you needed any more proof that warmer days are ahead, look at what music is dropping. Music may not directly reflect what’s happening in (almost) every sector of our world like fashion does; like James Blake isn’t going to release a song about sipping summer mimosas in May because it’s almost summer. He’d probably […]

Carousel – Stay Awake (The Soundmen Remix)

Some nights you stay up searching for something to do. The world outside your door is pulsing (especially here in New York City) and staying in means missing out. Some nights you rally and drag yourself to go out while in the back of your mind you’re wishing you were in bed with tea and […]