Carter Reeves – Front Porch

I had to get a last minute post in before the weekend because Carter Reeves has struck me with one of my favorite songs of the year. He’s been a super consistent artist for as long as I can remember, but this new one is like everything clicked and he’s ascended to seriously gifted songwriter status. This song has so many gorgeous little moving parts that feel like a full orchestra coming together for a swan song to romance, and with perfect timing, it feels like a swan song to summer too. You can imagine the transition from the bright sun to leaves falling and a cool temperature overtaking everything around you. Maybe that special someone has their head on your shoulder, your breath intertwining as everything feels so quiet, calm, and exactly how it should be.

“Front Porch” evokes a lot of specific memories – childhoods were spent running around them, middle school kisses were had on them, high school smoking was discreetly done there, college drinks flowed there. You could run a timelapse of all that time spent on the most essential part of a house, a place where your community at various parts of your life intersected. As is the case on Carter’s new song, though, all of that accelerates into one point of memory before dissipating into the present moment. It’s really beautiful stuff that has me in a positive, contemplative mood going into a cool weekend.

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