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Chad Valley – Up and Down

I have this conviction that there exists a song that embodies every fiber of our own individual beings. These songs vibrate at the same frequency you vibrate at. They get deep beneath your skin, slipping in and around your bones eventually working their beneath the bone surface and nourish you like calcium. It’s these tracks […]

Rush Midnight – The Night Was Young Enough (Chad Valley Remix)

  Right from the beginning Chad Valley replaces the shakers with hand claps and strips the original from its prevalent bass. That said, once you hit play, you’ll agree that there isn’t one single thing missing from this version. At least that’s how it feels. Because the way it was constructed is nothing short of […]

Chad Valley – Tell All Your Friends

I’m a sucker for love-sick falsettos, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Chad Valley gears up for the release of his first full length Young Hunger on October 30 with this exceptional track. Piercing even the coldest of hearts, Tell All Your Friends packs an immediate ferocity with Valley‘s vocals. Emotional and insistent, the […]

Chad Valley – Fall 4 U

Mood constantly dictates what type of music we listen to. And the weather is one vital–among many–factors that continually dictates this mood. And it’s been hotter than an Arabian harem for the last month or so in Los Angeles. While the calendar tells us fall has just begun, the West Coast is firmly in the […]