Charles Rivers – All I Need

“All I Need” feels like a scientist synthesized everything I love about music into a single song. Its hazy instrumental is an utterly intoxicating backdrop as snares echo and synths subtly swirl along, all setting the stage for Charles Rivers’ soulful vocals. His performance emanates feelings of whiskey-soaked wisdom that comes from a lifetime of emotional experience, not to mention the grandiose vocal effects that extend his range in a fashion that conjures up flashes of Francis and the Lights.

There’s plenty of lesser known artists that show flashes of brilliance, no doubt, but few deliver such a fully realized package. From top to bottom, Rivers has a sound that will quickly resonate with widespread listeners once the moment is right. It’s such a thrilling experience to hear a musician and immediately recognize the exponential potential they possess – it feels like I’m carrying around a secret that I just want to shout from the mountain tops, but I think rather than ascending to the nearest peak, this post will do for now.

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