Restless Modern – Chasing

I’m readily familiar with Restless Modern from his MOONZz collaboration, but this is the first solo single I’ve heard from the indie-electro artist. “Chasing” continues the flashes of brilliance he displayed on “Navigator” with a production that’s both intricate and infectious. The choppy vocal samples are piercing, the ’80s-esque programmed percussion provides a super nice touch, and his vocals have a casual confidence to them that makes the track feel effortlessly cool overall.

Speaking of chasing, I’ve been chasing a simple goal: feeling okay. Over six months of chronic depression and experiencing a perpetual disconnect from the world has been brutal. Little by little, the frustration with my circumstances added up until it all came to a boil over the past weekend; it was an explosion of heated anger that found me furious about my perceived lack of progress. A close friend explained to me that my progressive frustration from an endless chase of happiness is like fighting against a current – eventually I’m going to drown if I don’t maintain an open dialogue that will lead to acceptance of my situation and the knowledge that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. From now on, I’m going to float along until I’m able to swim back to the shore. There, happiness awaits.

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