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Black Van – Inside (Oliver Remix) vs Goldroom – Fifteen (ft. Chela) (Silenx mashup)

Greetings from the beautiful state of California! Los Angeles has been my place of destination for the past week and I have to say, having lived on the east coast my entire life, this place is magical and filled with sunshining possibilities. The soundtrack for this trip has been eclectic to say the least, but this song has crossed my path at just the perfect time. With love and familiarity, we are introduced to this remix/mash-up in bouncy synth fashion and I could not be happier.

I’m feeling this track in the sun. It’s in headphones, the weather is perfect, and a drive is on the horizon. Wait for the drop and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find an anthem that makes you feel like the young sassy dancing rebellious teenager that you are at heart. Run upstairs, slam the door, put this on the speakers and let that bass penetrate the floor so that your parents know that you’re serious with your rebellion. That’s what this feels like.

Enjoy this track while you let your young at heart emotions get the best of you.

Black Van – Inside (Oliver Remix) vs Goldroom – Fifteen (ft. Chela) (Silenx mashup)


Clubfeet Feat. Chela – Heartbreak

I don’t support the Jets, but, like Clubfeet, I support Wonder Years.

Let’s take a trip to “Heartbreak Hotel” where even the winners aren’t getting laid. Clubfeet describe their newest single (part of an upcoming album) as “that fleeting moment of happiness before things begin to slide” and that pretty sums up their entire sound, and this song, very well. Cause Clubfeet make what I can only describe as intertwined, bittersweet electropop for star-crossed lovers. Couple that with the angelic voice of Chela and you get a post-summer anthem that eases us into the fall: another pearl has sprung from the shores of Melbourne.

It’s a shit ton of emotions wrapped into a really tight, melifluos package. It’s a song that is beautifully sad, and would be right at home on a recent list I stumbled upon (that can be summed up by Radiohead). Like “Baba O’Riley” (a prime example), these types of songs have a painfully nostalgic  sound.

Songs with this trait essentially simultaneously embody pessimism and optimism–there’s something totally fulfilling and painful about listening to them. They come from a dark place and touch upon sad subjects. But beneath the angst and pain, springs some feeling of hope. And of course, all the right chords are struck that pluck away at your soul.

It’s not the Melbourne based band’s first foray into this type of sound, but this one is on an even higher pedestal, and just pushes all the right buttons. For the uninitiated, Clubfeet are like a diet Miami Horror, a little more downtempo, a little less disco-infused, but just as painstakingly awesome.

But Chela’s voice, which was also the driving force on Fifteen, truly propels the song. Just as Kimbra (before she sang with that pale dude) was the magical key to one of Miami Horror’s breakthrough tracks, Chela seems to have that exact same touch. Like Kimbra, Chela has just simply got the “it” factor–and in Goldroom and now Clubfeet, was featured on the perfect tracks. I don’t know if her musical/songwriting chops match her vocals, but she sounds like the next star in the making from down under.

While I’ve never been to Melbourne–or anywhere in Australia for that matter–the vibe constantly coming out of there is just unparalleled. Between acts like Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, and ze Horror, it’s an oasis of promised land for G.O.O.D. music.

“I just want your tears to drown out my sorrow, I don’t want to start again tomorrow.”

From heartbreak–and really, any major disappointment–the only way to recover is to keep fighting for what you love. If getting your heart shatters feels anything like this song, then I’m clearly missing out.

Clubfeet feat. Chela – Heartbreak

Equally lush:

Clubfeet – BrightLightsBigCity (Mercury Remix)



Goldroom – Fifteen (ft. Chela)

 Born out of Los Angeles synthpop trio NightWaves, Goldroom is Josh Legg’s solo effort and production alias. An amalgamation of dreamy synths, emotive vocals, and tropical disco grooves, Goldroom paints the soundscape of summertime in Los Angeles.”

Josh Legg definitely does an incredible job of capturing the LA vibe, chill, seductive, with a flow that makes you feel like your part of the defining moment in some movie.  I have been in LA for the past couple weeks working on my own album project and I definitely see how lethargic the LA vibe can make you.  I haven’t fallen into the trap yet, I think it takes a little longer then a couple weeks but this track couldn’t sum up the vibe of LA better for me.  Its kind of got this 80’s/90’s plot music going on, like 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, that build up, that defining moment I was just talking about.  This is the kind of music I want everyday in my life, and Australian Native Chela with her soft effortless vocals, really gives this track that dreamy LA vibe that so many of us crave and yet afraid of at the same time.

I think summer has officially started and the weekend is quickly approaching as it does in the summer time, so press play and don’t give a thought to where your mind goes…


Goldroom – Fifteen (ft. Chela)