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Tag Archives: Chill

Grumby – Mt. Fuji

                            It’s that break your neck shit that always stays with you. These are the beats that transcend the musical space and become something physical that exists with you. It sits next to you, jams with you, intermingles with the very depths […]

EMPT Presents: French Press, Vol. 1

Artwork by Evelyn Wilroy The idea for the French Press playlist series was a simple one. Create a playlist for a blog with a french name with the word French in it. Voila, the French Press series. Ironically, I’ve never used a French Press to make coffee, but I’ve heard great things, so I’ve stolen […]

Erika Spring – Hidden (Jensen Sportag Remix)

I don’t know if it’s the aftermath of a typical weekend party that makes our bodies yearn for music like this. I like to think of these tunes as the bloody mary, the fruit smoothy, the Alka Seltzers or whatever recovery method you use to get your body back to it’s natural feel-good state. Erika […]

I Break Horses – Winter Beats

After a sweltering week and 4th of July night, we all need something to cool off with and just chill out to. You have to think about cold to feel cold, right? Maybe? I Break Horses released this track late last summer, and appropriately so. It’s a song that’s lyrically cold, but has a melody […]