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EMPT Presents: Summer Heat by Barry Poppins

I’m a fan of the Phish. There, I said it. And it’s not because I like to bounce around rooms. It’s because of their covers. Ever since I saw The Last Waltz, I have been completely inebriated by musicians exiting their comfort zones and singing songs that they dhave been not became and singing songs that […]

EMPT Presents: Balearea by Barry Poppins

The kid Barry sent me this literally weeks ago but somehow in the endless waltz of learning, work, music and insatiable hunger for more that’s my life I haven’t been able to sit down and post it, until now. For a quiet guy like me, one who enjoys the dwellings of solitude so much I […]

Chris Malinchak – No Secrets (ft. Damon C. Scott)

This song is 100% NYC and it feels like it. The singer Damon C. Scott is a subway performer and producer Chris Malinchak well, we all know what he represents. Something feels good about this Friday night, a bunch of Skidmore heads are in town, I’m about to go play a set at Pulqueria and […]