Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside

Here’s the thing — everything about music on this Wednesday has been incredible. I’ve just come across so much good music lately and it’s making me so happy. This song in particular seems to take hold of me in such a way that I can’t stop hitting replay. Haven’t listened to it in a while but a friend from work re-introduced it to me, and I’m so glad he did. It’s got such a demanding and powerful introduction that you’re almost ordered to pay attention. I am gushing about this video too because I’m such a big Christina Hendricks fan (as I’m sure everyone else agrees with) but seriously, the two elements of visual and audio could not be more perfectly matched.

The lyrics are meaningful and beautiful alongside beautifully incorporated strings. I’m a huge sucker for strings in any kind of song (a violin player for eleven years never really lets go…) so I was hooked from the beginning.

She sold her love to a modern man

‘Cos solid currency’s the hardest to love..”


Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside