Chromeo – White Women

If you did a dance remix of Hall and Oates with Daft Punk and added a dash of Duran Duran, you’d get something like the hot new album “White Women” by Chromeo. Before you accuse the artists of racism, take a breath because the title has a double meaning.

What was the inspiration behind the album title?

The musicians admitted that the name “White Women” is actually an intentional tribute to one of their favorite photographers: Helmut Newton; this photographer published a famous series of black and white erotic portraits under the same name in 1976. This provocative album cover photo imitates Newton’s classic style of posing powerful women in risqué settings that push the boundaries of their audience. Thus, the album cover of, “White Women” is a tanned woman with deliciously long legs in a tight, ultra-mini bridal dress few would dare to walk anywhere in, and the Chromeo duo of David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel, also known as “P-Thugg,” escort the “stolen” bride down an empty street rather than the infamous aisle. How’s that for a conversation starter?

Not only that, you can see in the music video of, “White Women’s” latest hit, “Jealous” that the phrase is also a general pun about women of all different races, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds in white wedding dresses. All in all, the pun of “White Women” shows the playful, cheeky nature of Chromeo that fans have come to adore.

What can you expect from this record?

With familiar beats pumping along, the playful layers of synthesizers blend in to create something totally new, fresh and upbeat.  The duo that is Chromeo never take themselves too seriously, but that doesn’t mean the songs lack in quality, wit, wordplay, and beats that will make you dance in your office desk chair.

The first popular track, “Jealous,” has everything you need in a top summer hit single: fun, beats that build, humor, sex appeal and breaks with heart-filled lyrics that will bounce you through life with a smile. “Jealous” is a song with enough glamour to take women down a runway, enough flirtation to help you catch the eye of your latest attraction on the dance floor and enough punch to make that long highway drive an enjoyable one.

Songs like “Over My Shoulder,” a séance of a groovy, lost track of the late 70s disco craze is just the type of track that we expect from Chromeo, one that tackles serious topics with a twist of witticism and fun.

With lines like “even though you have small breast, to me they look the best, I confess, I want take you home and get you undressed. You see your problems of self-esteem can be self-fulfilling prophecies, so probably, your best policy is to talk to me,” they tackle self-esteem, the Hollywood image, and the sex-driven world that women have to traverse their entire life without being heavy handed.

This 12-track “electro-funk” album also features Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend as he shines later in the album in the song “Ezra’s Interlude” and Toro Y Moi on the track “Come Alive.”

“Come Alive” doesn’t just encourage listeners to take a break and dance; it’s urging you to get out of your static state in life. With undertones of social equality—”we got something so real, however they feel, doesn’t really matter no more”—the song is a statement about true love and not hiding in the shadows anymore. One can see how this still applies to present times.

If the song isn’t enough to make you a fan, the funny music video features sexy department store mannequins literally coming to life to dance as our hero struts and sings down the aisle. The final scene when both David Macklovitch and Chazwick Bradley Bundick (Toro y Moi) are caught making out and sexing mannequins in the storage room by Patrick Gemayel’s department store security guard is priceless and will surely win you over.

Overall, it’s another win for Chromeo.

Where did they come from?

A Jewish and Lebanese duo from Canada who met in the mid ’90s, Chromeo first got worldwide attention after the song “Needy Girl” hit clubs in 2004 from their debut album “She’s in Control.” The Reese’s candy company later used the song “Needy Girl” in a 2007 television commercial for the Reese’s peanut butter cup where the words, “The perfect three-way: milk chocolate, Reese’s peanut butter and you,” flash over the image of the candy. That wasn’t the only song to gain them more exposure either; audiences heard their song “Mercury Tears” in the 2004 snowboard movie “Chulksmack” by Mack Dawg Productions. A few years later, the next big hit, “Night by Night,” showed their growing potential as they smoothed a “Miami-Vice” flair into a more modern sound that continues to gain sophistication and popularity to this day.

Chromeo hits the road:

The Come Alive tour is keeping them busy until the first week of June in 2014 all across Europe with live shows in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and more. After that, they’ll crash Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater in August, followed by a special feature at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada a few days later.

Jason Kane is a music connoisseur and an avid record collector. He bought the new Chromeo from SoundStage Direct, his go-to place for all turntables and vinyl equipment, and played it on his VPI Turntable.


EMPT Classic: Chromeo – Momma’s Boy


Let me tell you I know a lot of “Momma’s Boys” in this world and these kinds of boys require a lot of love, and it’s Summer so give em what they want ladies until Winter rolls around and then they better get busy with the back rubs.  I felt like a classic throwback today, so here is too all the momma’s boys and especially to their Momma’s..Re-enjoy!


She says I remind her of her father and I know she likes it, she want’s a guy that’s got his game locked tight.”

I was reading an article in the New York Times recently that was talking about new trends among famous and powerful men to marry “young women whose job it was to tend to them and care for them in some way: their secretaries, assistants, nannies, caterers, flight attendants, researchers and fact-checkers.” Seriously though, since when is this a new trend? The article talked about all these studies being held and research done trying to figure out why this is happening. That’s like trying to understand why women want men instead of boys…

If they say why, why?…Tell ’em that it’s human nature…” – Michael Jackson (Human Nature, 1984)

Before the women’s movements guys were too hard and then they became too soft, big mistake. Yeah women want someone who can be in touch with their needs but that doesn’t mean be Mr. Softie, there’s a big difference that I think dudes need to recognize. Anyways, my views on the subject are somewhat unconventional so I won’t get into it but I will post one of my favorite Chromeo songs to speak for me, enjoy.

Chromeo – Momma’s Boy

Music Remixes

Chromeo – Night by Night (Shreddie Mercury Remix)

It starts like a secret, rising up from the depths like a determined sea creature. You know it’s coming for you, and no matter how fast you swim, your impending collapse into its power is unavoidable. Before you realize it, Shreddie Mercury has you all wrapped up in a mind-numbing, feeding frenzy. Not unlike the great white shark and his teeth, this track contains numerous layers of beats that refuse to let you slip away.

I know, inside of me
Sooner or later, we goin’ to be free
C’mon girl, don’t make a fuss
Lets have a conversation thats not just about us
We dont know which way to go
It doesn’t really matter what we do
There’s gonna be one good way to know
If all this is worth it we can work it
night by nightShe says I’m not romantic
I say she’s too dramatic
I tell her while were at it we can work it
Night by night”

Chromeo‘s original version of Night by Night pulls you into this world of disco balls and platform shoes…but it’s in the future? Just listen, and tell me you don’t start picturing yourself shaking it for that special someone. The duo of Dave 1 and P-Thugg have a real talent for the love song that keeps your feet moving, and it’s obvious they appreciate the glory of funk. They use a talk box for God’s sake. No one can resist a talk box. Just ask Peter Frampton. But the real beauty of Chromeo‘s music is its ability to weave 30-year-old elements and style into modern day, romantic dance-offs. Shreddie Mercury does this one perfect justice by making it even more undeniably danceable.

Chromeo – Night by Night (Shreddie Mercury Remix)

Covers Music

Chromeo – When The Night Falls (Mayer Hawthorne Cover)


One of the standout tracks —if that’s even possible when most if not all of the songs in the album are amazing— in Chromeo’s Business Casual is When The Night Falls. And if this track’s original version wasn’t good enough Mayer Hawthorne gives us his amazing version as a gift and part of the When The Night Falls EP.

At first listen one might be tricked by Mayer Hawthorne’s voice and it is his falsettos beautifully merged with this jazz and pop-laden arrangement that take the groove on this musical piece to a very special place in our hearts and our feet. The way I see it it’s like MH stripped naked WTNF and put a slick suit on its body with funky colored socks on its feet.

This remake has all the trademarks of this Michigan native retro man with its funk and soul injection but make no mistake, this does not mean it doesn’t sound as fresh as it came out of the oven. I think between this fact and what MH accomplishes with his voice is the sweet spot of this joint.

If you find yourself surrounded by a group of friends that heard the original one too many times, hit play and prepare yourself to surprise them in the funkiest most glamorous of manners. Go ahead and sing it one more time:


“Well you probably think I’m a fast-talking romantic
With a high-fallutin’ ways
But it’s all about the impression you made
On the first time I met you
That stayed with me for days
And now I want that feeling back
But I’m not sure where to get it
But you have the answer to that

And you say it’s nothing but fun and games
But over the phone it’s not the same
So let’s try to cross paths

There’s something about you, girl
And it’s rather strange
I want come back to you, girl
And rekindle the flame.”

Chromeo – When The Night Falls (Mayer Hawthorne Cover)


Et Musique Pour Tous @ Cabarete Beach (Dominican Republic)

That’s right folks, Kev and I are headed back to the Dominican Republic tomorrow to play at Cabarete Beach after a performance that same night from Brooklyns own Dynasty Electric – fresh. If this is anything like our other parties in DR we’ll be at the Viva Whindam Resort from 10PM Saturday night till an unknown time the next day. For all our DR readers make sure to get in touch with me or someone from if you want to go.

I’m so grateful for these opportunities, my life has been a non stop dream so far and only my favorite Weezy line can describe how I  feel…

If I die today, it’d be a holiday…” 

I leave on a red eye in the morning and as usual my day is stacked with things to do before our departure. That said, I‘ll leave you guys with the latest and greatest mixtape from our homies over at ShaveUrLegz, enjoy.

I Spy (Metronomy Remix) – Get Cape Wear Cape Fly

I Stand Alone (Gigamesh Sunlight Remix) – Theophilus London

Weekend – Class Actress

Madder Red (Hermanos Inglesos Remix) – Yeasayer

Getaways – Big Talk

When The Night Falls (Chromeo Cover) – Mayer Hawthorne

The Wall (Shook Remix) – Louis La Roche

Oh Bauer – Jeans Team

Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) – Massive Attack

Video Games – Lana Del Rey


Electric Zoo Festival – September 4th, 2011

While many have come to know Labor Day weekend as a last hurrah for the summer, New Yorkers have come to know it as the weekend where electronic music takes hold of Randall’s Island for not two, but three whole days. I had the pleasure of attending Zoo on Sunday, after deciding that there was no way my body could handle three days of electronic music. I’ll cut to the chase:

Having gone to zoo last year, I knew that the lines to get in were absolutely nuts, and the bathrooms were ridiculous to get into. This year was not the case, as I got into the festival quickly and easily, and found the staff to be friendly and totally helpful. It was pretty rad to see such organization taking place at a festival that definitely has the potential to turn into an absolute riot. The efficiency of the staff went hand in hand with the performances themselves, which were well articulated and seemingly, perfectly rehearsed.

I knew who my two favorites were almost instantly: Chromeo and Diplo. I wasn’t even expecting it to be this way because I was rooting for Calvin Harris all along, but I was absolutely blown away by Chromeo and Diplo. Two entirely different sets, both managed to make my friends and I dance the hardest we’ve ever danced. I loved both sets for different reasons. We somehow managed to make it to at least half of Chromeo’s performance, and the vibes were all different as soon as we arrived. People all around us were actually grooving, and I mean, boogie, jive, shake your hips, move your feet, smile like a bafoon, grooving. There was no grinding, (to my knowledge) or ridiculous jumping-fist bumping combos, (which is really easy to come across when there’s techno involved) just pure happiness and good energy all around. I was really pleased to hear Bonafied Lovin and Night by Night. I really appreciated Chromeo’s live set because they embodied my idea of implementing  literal electronic music while not necessarily fitting into the electronica genre.

Diplo was a totally different vibe altogether, but my friends and I made it our mission to be up in the front row for maximum dancing space. The truth is, there is no dancing space in the front row, but we did get the best view of Diplo’s sexy bod when his shirt came off. At one point, Maluca came out on stage with two totally swagged out back up dancers, and the three of them danced in unison while she sang along with Diplo’s tracks. We’d been jamming out to his intense beats for a while, when we decided we were going to try and catch the end of Afrojack’s set. As we’re on our way out, I hear the beginning of Day-o mashed up with Pon de Floor. I remember making eye contact with one friend in particular…”We have to stay. For this song at least…” and so we stayed. And you know what? We didn’t leave. Because after that, every song he put on was just more and more incredible. Remixes of Kanye/Jay-Z’s Otis, some Weezy tracks, and even more that I’m sure I’m forgetting. I looked at my friends at one point and saw every single one of them stomping, waving their arms, and moving their hips the hardest I’d ever seen. It was a beautiful sight, thus, making Diplo’s my favorite set at Electric Zoo this year.

I’m pretty sure this is the track that Diplo dropped at his set. It is pretty freakin sexy, and I think ya’ll will dig it just as much as I did.

Jay-Z/Kanye West – Otis (ft. Otis Redding) (Gantman’s “Otis Jacks” Remix)



MNDR – Cut Me Out

I was up till 6 am last night working on the music for a restaurant and at some point in the night I got an email about this new MNDR song and it goes a little something like this…

Green Label Sound today release their latest single “Cut Me Out” by electronic-pop songstress MNDR a.k.a. Amanda Warner and co-producer/co-writer Peter Wade. Starting tomorrow, MNDR will join Chromeo on the road for a coast-to-coast North American tour presented by Green Label Sound.

MNDR’s music has been infiltrating the web since early 2010 and already garnered fans at NY Times, The FADER, Pitchfork, Interview and Nylon among others, but Warner and Wade first came together one year ago when Warner moved to New York from Oakland, CA. Warner’s melodic sense and underground noise/art influences coupled with Wade’s interest in merging non-traditional sounds with polished songs has proven to be a perfect marriage of minds. In less than six months, MNDR has toured the world opening for acts including Miike Snow, and Massive Attack. MNDR continues to be a band member with Mark Ronson and The Business INTL.

I’m not exactly sure whose the A&R over there at Green Label but it seems like they make a lot of effort into selections because whenever they drop a record it’s usually worth the listen. I’ve been following MDNR for a while but I really became a fan when I heard I Go Away, the rebel anthem about following your heart and staying away from all that is dull and lifeless…

And when the air is clear
The way I go is the way I feel.
I’ll go away, I’ll go away, I’ll go my own way…

Then she was featured on Mark Ronsons underground smash Bang Bang Bang and she officially became one of my favorite new acts. Amanda has an amazing voice and a flawless delivery to go along with it. Her production is usually too overpowering but this new track does a good job of banging without masking the charm of her voice. Alright, I continue to be sleepless in New York and theres a million things to do so peace out homies, enjoy.

MNDR – Cut Me Out

MNDR – I Go Away

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Adam Kesher – Gravy Train (Blackjoy Disco Version)

I’ve been addressing my time management issues this week and it’s working so well that I actually got a chance to check the submissions inbox for a change, something I haven’t been able to do consistently in a long time. EMPT grown so much that it’s at the point where I either sit on my ass thinking about how great it’s doing or I fix all the kinks, step it way up and take it even further. I think I’ll go with the second option so expect more coming out of this site, expect bigger and better events and if you’re competition expect me to be up in the morning everyday doing more than I can to make this blog the undisputed champ-ion.

The kids about business but what can you tell the beast? Picture me down, I’m up like I fell asleep!” – J.R. Writer

One of the most impressive submissions I found is the new Adam Kesher single Gravy Train which is set to be released on November 15th. The Blackjoy Disco remix is one of those tracks perfect for poolside hanging out, specifically in LA at the Mondrian at about 3 PM, all my EMPT LA people know what I’m talking about. I don’t know what people do in Hollywood but every time we stay at the Mondrian there’s ALWAYS a bunch of people hanging out at the pool, it doesn’t matter what time, day or hour it is, there’s just always people cold chillin’, you gotta love it. I’m clearly having withdrawal in the face of this NYC coldness but I’ll survive.

Anyways, though it sounds like a one man operation Kesher is a band and their upcoming LP was produced by Chromeo’s Dave One so we already know to expect good quality coming out of this project. Here’s the official press release…

Explosive French indie/electro crossover band Adam Kesher release their ‘Gravy Train’ single/remix EP in the UK on November 15th. Produced by Dave One of Chromeo with input from Zdar, A-Trak and Pierrick Devin, their new material sees them refining and crystalising their sound.

Taken of their brilliant new album ‘Challenging Nature’, slated for UK release in spring 2011, this EP offers a taste of Kesher’s latest brilliant mashing together of indie-rock and electro.

The band have shared stages with bands as diverse as Phoenix, Deerhunter, Cassius, Digitalism, Busy P, Surkin and Bobmo, and have been remixed by Don Rimini (Delicious Vinyl), Strip Steve (Boyz Noize), Yuksek, The Shoes, Snack & Cmish, Numéro and Passions.

Adam Kesher have been huge news on the continent for a while now, and this latest incarnation is sure to propel them to new heights on UK shores.

I have this remix on repeat right now and will probably for the next hour or so. From the looks of things this LP is going to be worth while, I’ll stay on top of it and post anything new, enjoy.

Adam Kesher – Gravy Train (Blackjoy Disco Version)


Chromeo – Hot Mess

I was asked not to post tracks from Business Casual back in August so I added the album to my forbidden playlist but now that the album is out I think it’s fair game right? Anyways, had I not been told hold back the first track on my list was Hot Mess, another classic Chromeo to girl conversation jam.

I know my temper’s been kinda crazy
I need somebody. What? I need someone
Your love is real but I just feel suffocated
I feel so lonely. What? I feel so numb

There’s something very personal about these lyrics. You know how you can have a conversation with a friend who knows you really well without saying much? You can say two or three words and completely understand and anyone around you is like wtf are these people talking about. Well, there are some serious blanks in these lyrics which lead me to believe Dave is talking to someone very specific here, gotta love it.

At this point Chromeo has mastered the Quincy Jones influenced production style but what’s great about the new album is the modern elements they’re adding. I’ve got a few other good ones coming up from the album so stay tuned but this one should help you get through this gloomy city day, enjoy.

Chromeo – Hot Mess


G.O.V. – Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)

As usual I was completely destroyed after our party so excuse the no post yesterday. The Le Souk Noctambule was a huge success, I think we had over 400 people partying, fresh. Thanks to everyone that came out, I hope you had a blast. There will be more very soon…

And ’em back to the lecture at hand…” – Snoop Dogg

G.O.V. stopped by my apt last night with some new music and he played me his remix of Cross The Dancefloor and I instantly fell in love. His verse is basically about two people who choose to dance and enjoy themselves over everything, I like that attitude. You ever see someone at a party get accidently pushed or something and then they’re all pissed off and mad for the rest of the night? I really feel sorry for people who have such easy triggers. The funny thing is that that person will go ahead and say his night was ruined by the guy who pushed him but the truth is that by making the choice to get mad and even worse stay mad, he or she ruined their own night. Moral of the story is don’t give yourself a headache over little things and make the concious choice to never let anyone ruin your day, night, week, month or life. They won’t like your enlightment and perspective but that’s what haters do…

They gonna be hatin’, throwing yellow flags, excessive celebrating But they don’t understand that your leg just wont stop shaking and you know I ain’t fakin… – G.O.V.

Now that the parties over we’re back in business so I can’t stay and chat but let G.O.V. get you ready for the weekend in style. This is an EMPT exclusive, enjoy.

G.O.V. – Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)