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CHVRCHES – Lies (Tourist Remix)

 “I can sell you lies / You can’t get enough / Make a true believer of Anyone Anyone Anyone I can call you up / If I feel alone / I can feed your dirty mind Like I know Like I know What you want.” CHVRCHES has created a dark ballad with lyrics which are quick and dark and […]

CHVRCHES – By The Throat

CHVRCHES seems to be on everyone’s minds as of late. Perhaps it’s their adorable lead singer, Lauren Mayberry, and her spacey-reverberating voice that snakes its way through your brain. Maybe it’s the fact that the other members of the band get really excited, just as adorably excited as she does, when they perform in front of big […]

MS MR – Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix)

Starting to write about a song is the hardest part. When you listen to a song for the first time, you don’t try to analyze why you like it. You just get to be swept up in it. Trying to explain why you like something is always the hardest part, I feel. When I listen […]

CHVRCHES – Now Is Not The Time

No matter what happens you can’t stop moving forward. If you’re in a trap the best thing you can do is set your eyes on the next thing. The nature of the universe is that nothing is permanent, not in the same form at least. The world around us is in constant flux but humans […]

CHVRCHES – Recover

I love this song so much. I won’t say too much about it because I want you guys to feel this in your bones. First try and absorb the lyrics. There’s definitely some space age ethereal vibes going on here, but really internalize these sounds. Then take in the pangs of electro waves that shoot […]

CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

In a music scene that’s laden with The Knife wannabes it’s incredibly refreshing to hear a band that takes the aesthetic popularized by the Swedish-duo and makes it their own. Hailing from Scotland, CHVRCHES emerged in late 2011 and slowly crept their way into our ears before exploding into our brains (and subsequently our music libraries) in […]