The Hood Internet – Critical Captions (Only Children Remix)

There’s nothing worse than being really stoned and with a bunch of really drunk people and feeling like no one around you is at all on your page. Last night, I went out with the intention of having a great time at a club I like and found myself completely out of place.

“Does anybody out there feel like I do, does anybody out there, feel like me-ee?”

Unable to carry a conversation over the ruckus and unable to find a groove between all the Butabi Brothers, I entered my car and was greeted by Only Children, finding comfort in both the solitude and the groove. The sexiest production duo in the Midwest possess an uplifting sound (think Tiger & Woods meets Bit Funk) and consistently deliver. When I saw they remixed The Hood Internet, an act I associate with rap and mashups, I was confused.

Then I pressed play, and everything immediately snapped into focus. I know what kind of music and what kind of people I’m meant to be around, and this song sums up this emotion. While we won’t always find ourselves in the perfect setting, odds are that if you gravitate towards the right kind of music scene, the right kind of atmosphere will probably fall into place. And this is definitely my scene.

The Hood Internet – Critical Captions (Only Children Remix)

The original is quite chill as well:

The Hood Internet feat. Class Actress & Cadence Weapon – Critical Captions


Class Actress – Weekend (Casa Del Mirto Remix)

Absolutely priceless track to be posting on this Wednesday!  Yes, the weekend is going to be here in 2 seconds and I am really especially excited for this weekend.

I really enjoy this track for a couple different reasons, the first one is that I relate to Elizabeth Harper, and I think it’s important to be able to relate to some of the artists you enjoy.  She originally started out as an actress in Los Angeles, but decided that she favored music instead and moved to Brooklyn to pursue a music career.  Brooklyn is definitely a mecca for some great musicians, the art/entertainment scene here is unlike any other.

Elizabeth’s lyrics are so simple, but that isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact it’s pretty genius how she explains this connection between two people, how you can get so wrapped up with a person, and not just because you love each other, its much more then that, this person is your best friend, someone you love to be around, whether your going to find a great restaurant together, enjoy a good movie, a cocktail and then maybe later tearing the sheets off the bed.  It’s amazing to be able to share such a close connection with a person because it’s not so often that you do, I couldn’t have been happier to find this track and the video.

The original is obviously nothing far from fabulous but the Casa Del Mirto Remix gives it this chillwave/electronic/synthy dreaminess that I think the lyrics relate so well too, the sound in this remix gives it a whole other attitude is what I am getting at.  The original has this indie 80’s electronic thing going on so it’s almost like friendly vs. romantic, a sound can completely change everything from the meaning of the lyrics to the energy of the track.

I pace the room every time you leave
Fall apart because you’re all I need
You make me late for work
You make me late for church
So hard to leave

So bring it on
Bring on the weekend
Bring it on
Bring on the weekend..”

I hope everyone has something to be very excited about for this upcoming weekend, if not then make something exciting happen, enjoy!

Class Actress – Weekend (Casa Del Mirto Remix)

Class Actress – Weekend