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Strand of Oaks – This Must Be The Place (Cover)

It’s currently Saturday, but aside from unpaid athletes on the TV Screen, it’s felt like a Sunday. And this tune has Sunday written all over it. Laid back, chilled vibes and a very unexpected take on one of the most inspiring, transcendent songs known to mankind. “This Must Be The Place” is one of “those […]

The FADER presents: Ratatat Design Contest

Ok so Mike Stroud and Evan Mast met while going to Skidmore, I went to Skidmore, so pretty much any excuse I find to post their stuff is going to be exploited. Anyways, here’s a pretty straight forward contest for all you creative types out there. THE FADER wants you to design some RATATAT merchendise, […]

Ratatat – Mirando

Anyone know what car that is? I’ve been looking for an excuse to post this picture and Mirando is more than a reasonable one. The production on this track is technical mastery. 8 Bit bounce anyone? Enjoy. Ratatat – Mirando

Ratatat – Wildcat

Someone had this song on their Top 10 best songs to have sex to. I don’t know what kind of furry fandom kinky shit this dude is getting into to find this appropriate for naughty time but I like it! Wildcat is one of the many impressive tracks from Ratatat’s 2nd LP Classics. It was on this album that […]