Music Remixes

Cat Power – Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Mix)

A few weeks ago, I touched on the subject of improbable artist collaborations that play up the strengths of both parties. At the time, it was Sky Ferreira and Unknown Mortal Orchestra teaming up.

I’ve been fascinated by these modern super groups. Nominally, the term “super group” denotes a band made up of relatively recognizable members of other bands that records as a unit. Now, it can often mean collaboration through organized remixing, that is, the remixer is paid by the original artist and the track is sold digitally.

Today’s example is from 2012, but has the sound of a modern sensation. Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall) is not a huge name, but she’s definitely making a career of it and has a strong core fan base. Nicolas Jaar may seem like a big name to EMPT readers, but he’s a total unknown to most people.

“Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Mix)” melds Marshall’s smoky desert croon with Jaar’s forward thinking beat music, and the effect is spellbinding. Isn’t this exactly what Lana Del Rey wishes she could be? Jaar employs a bouncing counterpoint that sounds as if played on the ribcage of a giant whale by a giant.

It doesn’t seem like either artist has plans for future collaboration, but we can dream, right? I’ll be turning my attention to a real, old-fashioned super group: Royksopp and Robyn, the Swedish dream team. They’ll be releasing an album and touring the world. Don’t sleep on this one, folks. Both acts have cult followings across the world, and don’t discount Robyn’s viral video factor.

If you have any suggestions to add to the “improbable super group” discussion, please comment below! It’s changing the face of music in subtle yet impactful ways, and is worth tracking.

Cat Power – Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Mix)



MØ x Diplo – XXX

Who would have thought that the bad ass babeliness of Mø and Diplo would unite to create such a monster force of a track? Well, they did. And it’s every bit as entertaining as you would imagine. I’m not surprised by the quality of Diplo’s production anymore, I feel like his twerk life and projected image of wildness is only a little bit true. What I’m saying is, this party animal actually cares about his music, and it shows in the quality of tracks like this. This is a banger, don’t get me wrong, but the multiple levels of sound and harmony in those levels reminds me of the mixtape that Diplo released last year (?) where he claimed to have gotten stoned and mixed a bunch of old records together. The music video features this lovely lady head twirling and swinging her long braid in every direction, which is basically all I could imagine myself doing if I had that long amount of hair, too. So that’s lovely.

As I write this post, the day is intensely beautiful outside my brother’s window. I’m in the suburbs for a day. There’s water and green and leaves on trees that won’t deny the fact that Fall is approaching quickly. This track is playing in my computer speakers and it suits the landscape that I’m taking in right now.

Without further ado, enjoy!

Mø x Diplo – XXX