The War On Drugs – Comin’ Through


Transitions can be a difficult undertaking.  For some it’s taking on a new job, or moving to a new city, or simply shifting from patting your head after rubbing your stomach has gotten old.  As an individual in a transition, simple life logistics seem thrown to the wind, and worlds thrown in upheaval.  Knowing this, one can certainly imagine the collective hardship of a band when moving from one stage of their career to the next.

Some bands not only survive constant personnel changes (Weezer, Fleetwood Mac) through transitions, but maintain their musical integrity as well.  A recent example, Philadelphia group The War On Drugs, falls into this category.  After their train-hoppin’ Dylanesque 2008 debut, Wagonwheel Blues, co-founder Kurt Vile departed to focus on a solo career.  The other founding half, Adam Granduciel, kept The War… waging and turned in a critical success of an album, Slave Ambient in 2011.

Between those albums and after Vile’s departure, Granduciel enlisted replacements and released an EP called Future Weather.  One standout track of that particular EP is Comin’ Through, which EMPT happily brings to you today.  The persistent rhythm and insistent strumming are symbolic of The War On Drugs keepin’ on and moving forward, despite the shuffle of band members.  Additionally, romantically slurred lyrics and several layers of distorted guitars follow a dirt road paved by alt-rock acts like Wilco and The Jayhawks.

For those going through a tough life change at the moment, I salute you. Let this song be a reminder that even through times of extreme change, there is light at the end of the “ramblin’ road.”

The War On Drugs – Comin’ Through