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EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Foxkit – Could Be Wrong















2012 is a glorious time for fans of warm, reverb-y washes of falsetto and pulsing synth layers. Within this setting, Foxkit (the alias of one Chris Upton) makes music that shines. His electronic productions are at once fun party jams and intimate headphone experiences. We’re excited to follow the creative paths of this young LA artist as his audience and ideas grow.

Chris is currently touring as a member of Mr. Little Jeans, sharing the stage with heavyweights like Fool’s Gold and Mayer Hawthorne. As thoroughly awesome as that gig sounds, we can’t wait for him to get back to producing his compelling solo material.

Foxkit – Could Be Wrong

^^See what I mean? We leave you this week with his remix of the LIGHTS track “Siberia”:

LIGHTS – Siberia (Foxkit Remix)


Check out Foxkit on Indaba Music and SoundCloud