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Jagwar Ma – Uncertainty (Cut Copy remix)

  This stellar remix is a journey — an intimate penetration of truth, eight minutes of complete immersion in disco abyss. Sometimes you just have to dance it all away and embrace the empty space of what’s to come. Seeing the void as an opportunity to create your world is key in these pressing times where […]

Cut Copy – Free Your Mind

Get free.

Cut Copy – Let Me Show You Love

This was the last sunset we saw in Jamaica and as it happened the new Cut Copy was playing, perfect. Let Me Show You Love couldn’t be a better title for this chapter in our lives. If you admire somebody you should go on ahead tell ’em People never get the flowers while they can still smell […]


So I had an iTunes nightmare Friday night which ended up in me losing all my playlist, client work and DJ selections. Everything I do is based on my organization so the magnitude of this fail is so ridiculous that I’ve found it hard to even have an emotion about it. Instead I’ve been up […]

Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Flight Facilities Remix)

First of all, that art work is amazing, I’m always thinking up metaphors about the concrete jungle but that waterfall idea take it to a new level. Just when I was finally in tune with the new Cut Copy vibe the remixes start pouring out but when their this good who can complain. First it was […]