Kitten – Cut It Out


I bought my first DJ gear in 10th grade. It was an M-Audio Torq machine (RIP) and it was as entry level as you can get. Over the ensuing years, I’ve made significant upgrades, now rocking twin Technics SL-1200s (RIP) and a Pioneer DJM-400. I’ve spun at block parties, house parties, frat parties, weddings, birthdays, receptions, you name it. Just this week, I was contacted by a 70-something who wants to hire a DJ for her birthday party at a “lesbian and gay temple”…Awesome!

In college, I often was hired to DJ sorority events. These were always easy gigs, though not the most enjoyable. I am not (as you can likely imagine) up to date with Billboard charts or really any Top 40. Whenever a sorority gig came down the pipeline, I’d call my high school aged sister and ask her what her friends were listening to. Though it went against every bone of artistic integrity in my body, I would submit and play the garbaggio and a bunch of wasted screaming white girls would have a great time, I’d get paid, and everyone would go home happy.

But I always snuck in a few EMPT-ish tracks. Sometimes they went over well, sometimes not. To my ears, Charli XCX fit the bill. So did Robyn, Basement Jaxx, Azealia Banks etc. And yet I often heard comments like “What the fuck is this?” followed by a request for “That song by, like, that one band. Or is it a rapper? I heard it on the radio. Here, let me just plug my phone in.”


“Cut It Out” off Kitten’s 2011 EP of the same name would definitely have qualified had I known of it at the time. Pure girl-power pop with the requisite synth swells and steady beat, along with a singalong lyric: “Getting wasted, you’re all I need.”

I unabashedly love this type of music. Kitten does it right: very sexy, an indie production sound, with a clear historical reference. I’m unclear on whether the band has broken up or what their current situation is, but heck the music out there is fun and warrants a play at your next party, whether sorority hair-tosser or hipster cig n’ flannel fest.

Kitten – Cut It Out