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La$t Nite – Pull Up

The last few days have been crazy for me, so I haven’t had a chance to sit with some real music and just let it take me away. Music has been my drug of choice for a few years now. It’s how I make my escape from everyone else’s morbid realities. I say; “morbid“, because […]

Nada Funk – What’s on our mind

January is the month that you do less of what turned out bad for you in 2015, and much more of all the things that turned out good. If you ran a marathon in 2015 then you’re running three in 2016. If you went through tough times financially, then you certainly don’t repeat another year […]

Half Waif – Nest

The ball drops at the stroke of midnight and he pulls you in closely to plant a kiss on your awaiting lips. Thursday, February 11th, 2016, you get a text from him that says he has to head out of town for business on Sunday the 14th, so he will celebrate with you on Friday the […]

Beau – Be My Baby

When I began writing poetry at the age of five, I did so to be great. I wanted to be remembered for all time. I wanted to be grand and have people talk about me in schools for eons to come. I wanted to be a legend. In my head, every word that was written […]

Wiz Khalifa – See You Again (Cobble Remix)

Driving up the boulevard this sunny Sunday on the Treasure Coast headed towards the beach, life seems a tad surreal. The sky is as perfectly blue as the ocean. The white suspension bridge we are crossing looks like it’s going straight up to heaven. Underneath us, about six marinas full of the biggest yachts any of […]