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Banquise — Paintings and Paper

For many of you out there 2015 will represent a moment of reflection in your lives. It will be the year that your souls get away from the norm and travel to far away lands. Maybe you’re heading to college across the country or somewhere around the globe. Maybe you are following love to lands […]

Episode — Hold On (Salda Remix)

The world is full of people that just don’t know how to listen to the words of others. Eventually, these people find themselves in relationships with other human beings, and within those relationships they tend to find themselves in trouble. Not the kind of trouble that is unfixable, just the kind that starts fights or […]

Mocki — Weekend (Jai Wolf Remix)

The weekend begins tonight for me and I plan on taking it by the horns. I have a ton of shit to do this weekend, so I’m planning out the next 48 hours and making sure that I get in some time for basketball on Sunday morning and, of course, writing.  Lately I’ve been spreading myself […]

Skizzy Mars — Be Lazy

Sometimes these chilly winters in NYC make us not want to step outside into the unpredictable nights that all New Yorkers come to know New York City for. It is those unbelievably magical unpredictable nights that we get to know that keep us intoxicated with this town, but at times, we can all trade one […]

Et Musique Pour Tous Presents: Les Auteurs — Cyrus Pavel | Winter 2015

Take a quick ride with me today. Press play on this playlist and let it play all the way through. I’ll explain why. “Cinnamon Apple” is the Brooklyn native, Fabolous‘ work, off of his latest album (released: Christmas 2014) The Young OG Project. Cinnamon Apple is about a 7th-grade fling that felt more like a […]

Maybe The Moon — Two Birthdays

She pointed to the clock in our hotel room and yelled “11:11!, make a wish!”. Confused, I looked back at her, shut my eyes for two seconds, and made a wish. My wish? That she would last forever in my life, and that her kisses would never stop. Some days pass by faster than I can […]

MIA — Paper Planes (Eau Claire Remix)

I’ve been sitting on this for days now ever since I caught it on Yaqui’s blog. I’ve passed it along to a few DJ friends and my closest buds only to receive nothing but positive feedback. You would think that all of these years later some of us would be tired of MIA by now, […]

Dom Rosenfeld — Something About You (EigenARTig & Nicolas Haelg Remix)

The New Year brings a shitload of resolutions that never get fulfilled, desires that become lost to fears, and top-of-the-year energy that winds down way before it should. It is for these reasons that I decided that we could all use a taste of something full of high-energy and a ton of spunk to blast this hump day […]

Oh Wonder — The Rain

I once thought that I had given all the love that I had inside of me to give, away. I believed that there were no parts of a heart that loved everything it saw left to give anymore love to anyone, or anything else. ‘How stubbornly foolish was I‘, I realized, when I fell in […]

Dream Brother — UPPR DWNR

2014 was a year of beauty. It was a year of divorces and marriages. A year full of beautiful souls moving on into the afterlife, and other beautiful souls being born into this one. 2014 represented one of the most fruitful years of personal growth for me. I learned that no matter what comes my […]