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Portugal. The Man — Purple Yellow Red & Blue (Passion Pit Remix)

We fail to recognize our very own bad habits, or at least be aware of them, and this is exactly what is wrong with our world today. Take for instance the climate change march that just went down this past weekend in NYC. You have 400k+ people marching for mother nature and nearly half of […]

Panama — Stay Forever

I don’t get it man. As a writer I look forward to my day on here because the page I open up and start writing on is one of the most beautiful blank canvases I get to see. I love filling these canvases with words. I get such a high off of knowing that somewhere […]

Crystal Fighters — Love Alight (Jean Tonique Remix)

I fell in love with words the moment I began to read. It was through the words that I read in books that I began to see how much power letters put together had. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a writer. At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say […]

repel the robot — This Time Tomorrow

We had the highest highs, and the lowest lows…” — repel the robot. Labor Day Weekend marks the end of the summer for most people. Technically, we all know that the end of the summer doesn’t officially begin until the Fall Equinox, but the day after Labor Day has a way of coming on strongly and disregarding […]

Clipez — Sensual

NYC is just “GO!“, at ALL times. Whether we’re going to work early in the morning, headed to a photo/video shoot in the afternoon, ordering delivery for dinner, or just heading to class to get our skinny on, New Yorkers have a way of making the simplest tasks seem like the most important things. We rush out of […]

The Weeknd — Devil May Cry (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Edit)

There is something strange about the way people still follow the masses these days. This is not because they haven’t always followed the masses that it seems strange to me, but because nowadays we have more access to real-time information than ever, and maybe because by now we should be able to tell what is really, […]

Dylan n’ Krems — City Lights

Some people are put on this planet for the rest of us to know that something bigger than anything we can see exists out there beyond where the stars and planets and galaxies live. They are put on our planet to illustrate that beautiful energy trumps everything, and so when we live through their deaths […]

Freedom Fry — The Wilder Mile

Guess we weren’t born to be lovers.  Maybe in another time.” This tune comes to your ears through our crafty Submissions inbox. It is a perfect reminder, to me, of what August is like in New York City: summery, smooth, and non-stop.  The folk music production of the track provides the non-stop action throughout, made to move, […]

Greg Hvnsen — Don’t Go

We stood on the corner of Little West 12th and Washington that day. Right after a night at a rooftop right across the street. The entire night I knew that this would be the last time I saw her. I knew that we could not be friends because I would always want more. I knew that […]

ZHU — Faded

When I look back at the best moments of my life they are mostly those nights that seemed as if they could never end. Nights filled with taxi rides, bright city lights, dancing, bar-hopping, making-out, late-night snacks, more drinking, more dancing, more making out, and a LOT of music going every single second of the […]