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I Don’t Recognize You

I like the girls on Instagram who don’t have large followings, but are as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than any of the supermodels of the world. I dig the songs on soundcloud that have very little plays, but sound just as big as the hugest hits on radio today. I love the little league […]

Letter To The Unborn

You should never be afraid to push the boundaries that have been set for you by men and women with lesser knowledge of the world than you. You should never be afraid to challenge tradition and spit in the face of invisible oppressors who hide beneath their laws-for-purchase. Whether you live a long and calm […]

Memorial Day Weekend Mix

Pool parties, barbecues, bonfires on the beach, bikinis in the sand, oysters on the bay, or just straight raging for three to four days, Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. Regardless of where you will be, whether in the Hamptons or Montauk, Malibu or Santa Monica, this mix is to be played right before you […]

You’ve Got A Woman

I’ve come to learn that true love is more about patience and understanding than lust and passion. I’ve learned that this is all because true love develops naturally over time and comes with the appreciation of someone else over those fast-paced almost desperate flings that we run across when we are drowning for love, as if […]

Le Struggle

There’s a personal battle within me that drives me insane on a daily basis. It’s the adrenaline rush of whatever I think could happen if I go outside rather than what I know will be if I just stay in at home and chill. Some part of me desires to be a good human being […]

Dancing In The Street

We walked into the club and a long line of champagne bottles with sparklers over them being carried by tall waitresses was passing us by. I had my hand on her thigh as we made our way to the dance floor, her wearing a sexy red dress, and I in a tux. We had just […]

What Are You Doing Here?

Dreams, they feel real while we’re in them, right? It’s only when we wake up that we realize how things are actually strange. Let me ask you a question, you, you never really remember the beginning of a dream do you? You always wind up right in the middle of what’s going on. Ariadne: I […]

Crown Ruff — What A Day

Who wouldn’t want to be on the deck of a mega yacht tanning right now? Even if it was just circling NYC with a bunch of sexy people on it, drinks on hand and sounds like this one today by Crown Ruff, titled: “What A Day”, who wouldn’t want to be there, right now? Lunch anyone? Thursday is […]

Da YoungFellaz — Still Representin’ (Nas/DJ Premiere Tribute)

This song is too good not to write about. I guess Summer in NYC reminds me of Hip Hop. To me, the sounds that the trains make as they’re racing by above you when they are overground on the rails is Hip Hop. For me, Hip Hop is the sound that the fire hydrants make when the […]

Creation vs. Inspiration

Listening to South Pacific by Yonas Michael earlier this morning during breakfast, Rayda (pronounced Rider) mentioned that it sounded a lot like Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice. I hadn’t really thought of or considered that particular song when I first heard South Pacific, but I instantly understood where she was coming from, and could definitely agree. What I had first heard, […]