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HONNE – Gone Are The Days

I’ve been slowly making the transition to lossless audio. Flac, Lossless compression or whatever else you want to refer to it as. In order to do that I’ve had to upgrade all the hardware that I’m listening to my music on, as well as devices. I’m finding out the hard way that even with all of these […]

Model Man – Autumn Thieves

I’m sitting here at a Starbuck’s in sunny California, fresh from getting a new haircut and sad because I had to leave my son behind today. Life’s got me on-the-go yet again—something I guess I’m still not used to. There’s a feeling whenever uncertainty lurks on the shorelines nearby of hopelessness that lingers. At times, […]

AMTRAC – Darkest Sound

Most of the time our darkest hours are the ones we spend our days and nights anticipating. We forget that we have all the control over the courses of our lives and our futures. Rather than project positivity we brood in all the negative shit that’s happening in our lives, ultimately creating our problems by […]

Sorbmal – To The Moon

Here’s something totally not like anything else you’re going to hear today. Adele’s 25 is a masterpiece, yes, but in reality it’s the same shit over and over again. That’s not to say that I didn’t cop my copy of it from itunes just now, but music is becoming like Hollywood in the sense that all […]

Fine Print – Snakes

the more we try, the more it seems to be in vain.” I find myself tossing old pieces of me away every time I move from one place to another. Little mementos of a life that used to be that no longer hold any value for me besides sentiment. Sometimes, something inside me feels bad […]

Hidden Charms – Love You Cause You’re There

Cruising down the boulevard on the side of Venice Beach, I can’t see the beauty of California anymore. Maybe it’s because the sun is down. Maybe it’s simply because I just don’t belong here. I see tweakers scurrying like roaches whenever a light approaches them on the boardwalk. Vatos looking suspicious because who knows what […]

Otherside – Neverending

To be honest, it’s hard for me to talk about my problems with anyone. I’ve never felt comfortable spilling my guts to family or friends because I’ve always had this keen sense of awareness about the world and all the people that live in it that tells me that they all too have their own […]

BOGART – Square One Freestyle

hit the haze and I’m fearing that the day’s disappearing” Mike and I drove through PCH from Topanga to link with Doug at The Bungalow in Santa Monica yesterday for a power meeting of chess plays we’re about to make in the same music industry that brought us all together over 8 years ago. Yesterday […]

WDL – Stardust (Feat Elliphant)

If you never heard the “Rebirth Of Slick” by Digable Planets then take 3 minutes to google it, youtube it, listen to it and come back. Now that you’ve heard that gem, think about the female singer on it, Mary Ann “Ladybug Mecca” Vieira, and then add a little Lauryn Hill and listen to this next […]

NoMBE – Kemosabe

She made damn sure we Never gon’ be friends” It took me a few failed relationships to learn how to not to become friends with my significant other’s friends. Things just got weird whenever I somehow thought that things between me and them could remain the same or even cool after a breakup. I guess […]