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Get Your Shit Together, Cheer Up, Smoke a Cigarette

You know this feeling When the world stops turning Focus on the the bright side Life can make you bitter But you’ll wake up stronger So focus on the bright side” A friend of mine asked me if she should send a few friend requests over to her French boo-thang fling that she met a […]

Is Gay a Choice?

I don’t know if being gay is a choice or something you are born with. I can’t say that I have ever thought that I was a girl trapped in a man’s body. I do know that human beings are curious by nature. I do see how a boy can fall in love with his […]

How “Music Artists” Misunderstand the Music Industry

Artists these days feel that they can go out and get the best producers, writers, and most popular artists out in the business and succeed. Or, they believe that they have that one song that should catapult them to stardom, becoming disenchanted with the music business the moment no one else realizes it and they get […]

Christine And The Queens — Saint Claude (Dim Sum Remix)

Have you ever fallen in love with someone in a passing vehicle on the highway, or on passing train in the subway? I have, numerous times. It’s usually when I’m on the 2 or 3 express train heading up or downtown and the express 2 or 3 going in the opposite direction passes by. Right […]

Weekend Mini Mix — April 2015

This weekend mini mix will help get you started this Saturday morning with some smooth, quirky, uptempo, and delicious new sounds for your ears. Turn on the coffee maker and press play as we’ve curated some new tunes of releases from this past week. The mix begins with a funky futuristic Daft Punk style introduction to […]

This Is Going To Get Political

here I am dreaming a new dream.” I want a woman president—I do. I just want her to be the right woman president and not the one that got elected into office to keep up with the global trend. I want a modern day woman—you know, one that doesn’t take any shit from anyone, ESPECIALLY […]

Climb Into The Music

Catchy, sunny, feel-good, Summer, beach, boats, bikinis, bonfire, pool party, are all words that come to my mind the second I hit play on this new Gypsy & The Cat hit titled: “Climb Into The Music.”  The song inspires a good mood in a way that only a sunny and blue summer day can, when the […]


Obsession is the reason we master certain things. Sports, video games, the stock markets, and even our bodies. Obsession is the reason we find new loves, sometimes. It is through obsession that determination is developed, and as we all know—determination is one of the several keys needed for success. The beginning of “So Sick So […]

Find Yourself.

Sometimes, it is only through the darkness of one’s mind that the light becomes inevitably visible. Sometimes we go so far down that even the bottom is above us, and then when we realize it, is when we realize that after that there is only one way left to go: up.  Curious minds wander the earth […]

What is Hip Hop in 2015?

Hip Hop used to be the voice of the ghettos around America. When radio was only playing polished Rock & Roll or what the executives controlled, the ghetto had no voice around the country where it could be heard. Politicians ignored them, and the mainstream media only reported on the crimes and negative aspects to […]