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Andy Kong — City Lights

I grew up in Brooklyn where the skyline of the city was my Disney World and getting there was the only fantasy that I obsessed over day in and day out. It wasn’t until college that I moved into Manhattan, and it was then that life would change to something I could never have imagined. […]

CJ Warren — Motor City Livin’ (Feat. L.A.Z)

If How To Make It In America ever does make a comeback (check the rumor mill), then for some reason this is some new retro Hip Hop shit that I could definitely hear on there. Either way, it’s a cool song with a great old school Hip Hop vibe to it that not only bangs, but […]

Stonefox — All I Want

I thought we were over when I walked out of our apartment and never went back. I knew we were over when a year and a half later there was no word from her. Birthdays and anniversaries passed and not one email or a subliminal message from her on her blog. I moved on with […]

Square One — Overdose

Know those moments when you just want to leave your apartment or office and run so far away that you can’t recognize the streets or people anymore? Those moments fresh after a painful breakup, right after the point that you just stopped crying every other second of every single day, but still at the cusp […]

POWERS — Beat Of My Drum (White Panda Remix)

For anyone that’s as addicted to dancing as I am these days, this next tune is the one for YOU!, and your feet. White Panda has remixed “Beat Of My Drum” from POWERS, and they’ve made sure that it is dance-floor ready with a progressive house production that starts at 7 and quickly gets us to 10. […]

Sabella — Made It Right

Sometimes I still think about her. It’s never at night because most of the time I am out and about in and out of parties that keep my mind focused and busy on the now. The partying is simply a drug that allows me to forget the pain of the emptiness I feel inside of […]

Slum Sociable — All Night

Listening to “All Night” by Slum Sociable makes me feel like I’m watching a memory of a much older New York City through a gigantic movie screen. The filter on this film is grainy and the scenes jump erratically because there are no transitions on the raw footage and the sounds are muted. I see kids […]

Night Helix — Transplant

This goes out to all you trannys out there. Not the kind you thought of right away either, but in this case it’s the ones that have uprooted themselves from the worlds they once called home in order to follow a destiny to places that feel and seem like the complete opposite of where they’ve […]

MISUN — Harlot (Lakechild Remix)

Harlot by Misun is one of my favorite songs of the past few years. I could listen to it anytime and it instantly changes my bad moods into good ones, and my good moods into even better ones. This Lakechild Remix completely crushes it by keeping the unique vibe and fun essence that the original has with its guitar, […]

Sailors — Let’s Go

Here I am, waiting for you, waiting for you to come and take my hand, to go, somewhere else.” When I was engaged to Vanessa, I was the type of person that always talked big about moving away at the whim of whatever next wind came blowing across my face. I always felt that urge […]