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SoHo Blond

We shared a cigarette somewhere.” I walked into Mercer Kitchen at about 8:15PM on a cold winter night. I was meeting Jordan and Alberto downstairs for drinks, but of course I was the first one to arrive. At the bar there was only one seat open, so I squeezed my way in and the bartender […]


No disrespect we just on different sides of the wave I’m providing the wave you just riding the wave, bounce” —fabolous About two weeks ago I decided to sign up for a free trial of the new HiFi streaming service that Jay Z is pushing today known as Tidal. The service does what Spotify has nearly […]

Our Country Tis of Thee, Most Irresponsible Media in the World

It’s unfortunate that when we feel a storm We can roll ourselves over ’cause we’re uncomfortable” More and more the media in The States has been allowed to run wild with the way they report “news”. They no longer wait for the facts to report just that, but instead, like a scorned guy or girl […]

Robert Delong — Long Way Down (Sean Glass Remix)

Here is a tune that reminds me so much of L.A. the second it begins to play. It has a cool and slightly mellow energy that doesn’t have to try hard at all to be super chill. The vocals are so nonintrusive that even when they begin their louder chants they still manage to maintain a steady […]

Astronauts, etc. — I Know

There’s been a quiet debate over the past couple of years on whether NYC has lost its art. Some people believe that it has because the city has become a place where only the wealthy can afford to live. They believe that art began dying once children glorified money, and that NYC was at the […]

Rod Ladgrove — Lift

Another tune worthy of a good pair of headphones. Go get them and put them on for this one, and trust me, it will be worth the minor trouble. Writing without inspiration might as well be like painting or sculpting without any, as well. In your mind, you’ve created a masterpiece, yet to anyone else […]

Bearcubs — Paper Walls

Last night I dreamt about a time long gone. Last night I dreamt about a girl that once loved me and whom I once adored. When I woke up, I didn’t look for her because I knew it had to be a dream, but I didn’t wake up in a nightmare again either. Instead, I […]

Mating Ritual — Hum Hum

It doesn’t matter if we’re miles apart, I can still see the crazy on your face” The moment I hit play on Mating Ritual‘s day old Hum Hum, I got chills. First of all, let me just say that I’m rocking these killer new headphones that someone gave me to test out, so maybe that has a […]

Sykes — Best Thing

Spring is sneaking in and New York City feels vibrant. The snow has nearly all melted away, and with it the woes of yesterday. Today is a new day and the South London electro crew: Sykes has blessed us with a beautiful new indie release that sounds very 80’s in a way that we will all surely […]

Shawn Mendes — Never Be Alone (Rex Buchanan x Invoker Remix)

Here is a delectable Deep House collaborative remix of Shawn Mendes‘ hit track “Never Be Alone“. For this track, Invoker worked alongside his friend Rex Buchanan from NYC to bring the whole world a taste of the summertime to come as we patiently watch Winter’s cold grasp disintegrate in the weeks to come. It’s a sped up […]