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Levphonic – Release

I live my life a mile per minute going 60mph at all times. That leaves no room for staring into my rearview mirror to see what I missed or look at what I’ve left behind. Nah, I don’t want any of that. My life is too beautiful and too fun and too positive and too […]

The Womb – Wild Dogs (Fennec & Wolf Remix)

All Systems GO! That’s been the theme for my day today and that’s exactly how it’s still feeling. I had to wake up at 5am to be ready to leave the house by 7am. We had to drive thru the city to run an endless amount of errands, and in between I had to work. […]

Wunderwald x Ry Cuming – Always Remember Me

Finalizing the last of my packing for the move to Cali, I sit here and think about my time in NYC. A few nights ago I had another mishap that kind of made me feel like I was finally over this town. Jail will do those kinds of things to you and trigger such emotions. […]

The Van Allen Belt – One On The Board

Sometimes shit just stands out because it’s funky, cool and it’s got so much swag to it that it is deemed undeniable by everyone who sees it. In this case, it’s everyone who hears it. “One On The Board” by band: The Van Allen Belt is all that funky swag in one super cool tune that knocks, […]

JATA – Ebony

The most passionate kinds of love are the ones we wish to control the most, even knowing that love is the most uncontrollable thing on the planet. Our primal instincts with our very first few relationships are to try and control love and fidelity, until somewhere down the line we begin to realize that these […]

Delany Jane – Shades Of Grey (Tony Tokyo Remix)

I’m losing sleep Light a smoke so I can breathe It’s too dark, it’s too loud in the city” Every once in a while my soul requires a huge change. Do you ever feel this way too? It’s like a timer inside of me goes off and I feel the need to get away from […]

Saint Sister – Madrid

Too often people pretend that they are happy because they feel that they have so much in comparison to the poor people of the world, but we always know that people are full of shit, and that they don’t know what true happiness is like, because you and I have seen it together. They think […]

Drake – Hold On (Funk Academy Remix)

Mitch hadn’t been able to cope with Kate’s breakup. He got teary-eyed every-time he checked his Instagram profile and saw another usies of them at some random moment back home. Sure, their colleges were thousands of miles apart, and somewhere inside he knew she was right about them eventually moving on, but he wasn’t ready, […]

Sara Lov – The Sharpest Knife (featuring Hauschka)

You don’t know me and You don’t get to I really believed that I loved you” What is a love that is “meant to be“, anyway? Is that not defined as loves that feel the same way about one another? When two energies collide into one another, get up from the ground to shake themselves […]

Moushumi — Stay

I didn’t think that I would ever catch my breath again the day she left. I foolishly, childishly and pathetically begged her to stay. I shed tears that I tried desperately to hold back, and I fell to my knees as if God snatched the ground from underneath me away. She would tell me that […]