EMPT Exclusive: Countryclub – Woods

I first met Lauren Musacchio when we worked together at Rolling Stone. She came into the studio before Elle Goulding was scheduled to perform, sat down at the piano and started singing. Then a dude from the art department wandered in and picked up a guitar and started to play. The two of them sang and played until the ubiquitous entourage of assistants and stylists came and took over the space. Now fast forward a few years later and Lauren has her own band and new single…and is well on her way to having her own entourage. Lauren Musacchio and Dan Cohen have formed Countryclub— a memorable sound that might be likened to eavesdropping on a secret conversation from which you simply can’t turn away from. The EP is being produced & mixed by David Sisko (remixed // Ninjasonik, Roxy Music, Au Revoir Simone, Goldfrapp, Cut Copy) Countryclub is currently completing a video for Woods and will be announcing a vinyl/digital EP release date early 2015.

The only thing more inspiring than seeing a friend chase their dream is seeing it all come true. Take a listen below and remember- you are the ruler to your kingdom! The world is yours, do what you love.