Darwin Deez – Up In The Clouds (Jake Bullit Remix)

First of all, this remix is fresh. It’s not everyday you get a Darwin Deez remix, I mean I could be totally wrong but I think this is probably the first song I’ve heard getting re-worked. If it is, talk about starting with a bang becuase Jake Bullit hit the mark on this one, no pun intended. Darwin Deez is great, his music is so feel good that he actually started a song with “twinkle twinkle little star” and got a way with it. The original Up In The Clouds is no different and you sit there just kinda knodding your head thinking about good things, in his own words it’s

“Happy music for sad people / White music for black people”

I’m not exactly sure what the second part of that means but that’s a code I’m not trying to break. Up In The Clouds is about a relationship that use to be so good but lost it’s feeling for whatever reason.

We used to walk up in the sky
up where the air is rarified
went hand-in-hand from cloud to cloud
but when i slipped up, we fell out”

Alright, I’d love to get into this great song a little more but there’s much to do on this Tuesday that feels like a Monday morning, enjoy.

Darwin Deez – Up In The Clouds (Jake Bullit Remix)