Music Video

Sean Bones – Hit Me Up

Don’t forget
you can hit me up
If you’re feelin alone
when you’re needing someone
come, come on right over.”

We’re officially at the end of September and autumn is now in full swing. If you’re like me, you’re at this crossroads between embracing the chilly air and longing for the sweet languid daze of summer. Since you and I aren’t time turners and haven’t stumbled across a time vortex, we have Sean Bones’ lush track off his spring 2012 release, Buzzards Boy.

The New York based musician with a penchant for khakis and safari hats has given unto us a track epitomizing the summer schedule of waking up late, floating through the afternoon into nights crowding around a fire with friends, locals, and randoms and a few beers. Hazy guitar chords bounce alongside steel-drums and a wavy bass line work together to create a sound that is appropriately summer, but cool enough to turn up year-round when the weather comes in to bite. Bones‘ vocals aren’t anything outrageous. They’re intimate; like you and him were sitting on a beach somewhere and he decided to pull out his guitar and jam.

In a world where sounds are remixed to the point of banality, this is a track that refreshes you. It’s unpretentious, simple, and carefree. So before we turn ourselves in for the winter and hibernate, let’s take 4 minutes and reminisce in pool-side cool of Sean Bones.

Sean Bones – Hit Me Up