Denitia and Sene – Casanova

Falling in love with the wrong person is way too easy to do. Brooklyn-based duo Denitia and Sene showcase this struggle in their electro-slow jam Casanova.

Their respective musical paths have run parallel for the past few years.  Denitia Odigie has churned out pure soul-rock butter in the form of four self-released EPs. Experienced hip hop MC Sene, in addition to working with reputable producer Blu, recently cranked out a hip hop blog favorite of an album, Brooklyknight.  That album even featured Denitia crooning over blazed beats on Holyday.

In Casanova, the split POV is the track’s greatest strength.  The vocals boast the adoration and coyness of an Alicia Keys/Usher duet with a touch of passive/agressiveness.  Singing over sultry instrumentation, Sene’s voice is a smooth combo of truth and falsetto.  Are these real confessions, or words elicited in the heat of the moment? Either way his unrelenting head-voice balances like a trapeze artist, walking a tightrope above the tempting lioness that is Denitia.

Denitia counters earnestly, with a delicately vulnerable voice that squeezes the listener’s heart with a gentle fist.  There is undeniable romantic depth in her shining verse; her storied lyrics show an inkling of compassion, even when she admits the affair’s expiration date is fast-approaching.

Amassing love affairs can be thrilling, but sometimes they can catch up with you.  In that respect, being a true Casanova can really have its pitfalls.  Fortunately Denitia annd Sene have crafted something soulful and smooth out of a sticky situation.

Casanova – Denitia and Sene