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Victor Démé – Djon Maya (Synapson Remix)

With the accessibility of music sharing today, the whole process requires a lot less time and thought than it did before. I know that I have been guilty of this, especially with Spotify. Because of the format of Spotify, I’m more likely to send a song to friends that I’m listening to, just because it makes me happy in that moment. Which is great, because that’s a type of sharing that has a lot to do with what you’re into, it’s the essence of sharing. But what really works, what really creates a connection, is when music is shared with thought. When I think about the connection that I have with that person, and what they enjoy in life and in music, that’s when there’s something special for both parties.

Because I’m such a nerd about music, I remember almost every great song that I’ve gotten from friends. Like, every time I hear this one Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs song, I think of one of my best friends from high school. The emotion that we tie to songs is almost as intense, if not more intense, than the physical enjoyment that we get from a song.

So I’ve spent all this time talking about thought and emotions tied to songs. I think it’s fair for me to say that I’ve given this song both of those things. I found this lovely remix accidentally one day when I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, and I have been hooked ever since. Synapson has become a new favorite of mine, and I follow this French duo on Soundcloud like it’s my job. They tend to stray away from the class funky French electronic sound and go more for a more minimal vibe, but the work that they have done with this Victor Démé song is lovely to say the least.

I’m thinking of you guys when I write about this. That isn’t to say that I don’t think about every track that I write about, because I most certainly do. I’m just saying, I’m thinking of the people that enjoy a good solo train ride and time to be alone with their thoughts, with this song playing into a pair of great headphones. I had this one evening with this song where I found myself on the train back from Bushwick to Williamsburg. It was a really nice end to a beautiful and happy day, but as the song picked up, I couldn’t help but smile. I felt it everywhere, and as I stepped out of the subway and made my way to the waterfront, the sun was just hitting the edge of the city’s skyline. The entire sky was filled with purples, reds and blues.

I’m not saying that you’ll have the same experience. I hope you do, but make it your own. Save this for a time when you know you’ll be ready to soak it all up. But the weather is warm and there are endless opportunities for happy moments, so go have yours!

Victor Démé – Djon Maya (Synapson Remix)