Shugarfree – Miss Crazy

You know when you meet someone at a bar or club, you’re so “open-minded” that you’d like to believe that love at first sight not only exists but you’re living it right there… And then, you’re a bit tipsy right when that person notices the fact that you’ve been staring for some time and you have this expression that can only be described by what drunk melancholy would look like if it had a smile on it’s face… Well, I think Shugarfree’s Miss Crazy is that — at least to me.

Shugarfree is a band in it’s early stages of conception hailing from my native island of the Dominican Republic. The group is made up of important folks in the advertising and music industry of Santo Domingo. Their music is like a lo-fi, punk rock, indie, dance with 80’s synth pads and an overall fresh take on pop music with a thick accent.

Although this song we’re featuring is an EMPT Exclusive and doesn’t come out until the end of the week as a free download, you can visit the band’s Band Camp page for further info.

miss crazy did you know? 
disco balls are lazy 
if you won’t dance along”

Shugarfree – Miss Crazy