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The Soundmen – Funny Feeling (Panic City Remix)

There ain’t many intricacies to this one. It’s a big room progressive house remix. Since the original is a pop song we might as well not delve into the meaning of it. Let’s stop at how its catchiness is good enough for us to sing it behind closed doors. But, you see, it’s The Soundmen’s ability to give us these feel-good moments that keeps us coming back to their stuff with its bright synths and signature bounce. The track features the woozy vocals of The Glass front-man Dominique Keegan, also known as All Dom Wrong and I think this addition is one of the things we like the most.

There’s a drop around the 1:30 mark and after that, it’s a hands-in-the-air moment until the next break. And again and again until you find yourself dancing in quasi control of your limbs. To blame for this is Panic City. That’s their 2 cents on this track.

If you’re new to Scott Durday or The Soundmen, I invite you to to listen to 2010’s Johnny Polygon’s Riot Song ft. Kid Cudi (The Soundmen Remix). Quite possibly one of my favourite remixes of that year. It’s a gem in its nature.

That funny feeling of a first encounter that they chant so much in this song, I believe is what you will feel upon hitting play on the link below.

The Soundmen – Funny Feeling (Panic City Remix)