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Haim — Don’t Save Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)

An incredibly delicious blend of aggressive synths, hypnotic strings, fierce rock & roll-esque vocals, and tasteful remix work all around, Don’t Save Me (Cyril Hahn Remix) is a beautiful sonic interpretation of the original by Haim.   Don’t Save Me is about giving “love” your all, or not giving it at all.  It’s really quite simple […]

La Fine Équipe – Tourment d’Amour (feat. Saneyes)

A constant reminder of what we have is perfectly fine, as long as that reminder is acknowledged in a way of praise. Whether it’s in an inward or outward manner, sometimes being thankful is less expressive and more loving unto oneself. That’s something that I’ve learned a lot about within the last month. Today is […]

HAIM – Don’t Save Me

I have my brother to thank for this track. I hate admitting that my taste in music is predictable, because the last thing I ever want to be is predictable. But I think it’s just that an appreciation for solid tunes and positive energy, something with a solid kick and punch, is universally loved. So […]