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EMPT Classics: Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix)

I was really craving an EMPT throwback, especially since I am reminiscing in some good times back in 2010.  The people you once knew tend to seem different, but you still miss them none the less, disasters happen such as the recent Hurricane Sandy in NYC, the music keeps changing, and so on and so […]

Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Hello (The 14th Minute & Steve Frank Remix)

If I were to ask someone to write an international anthem, it would probably involve every entity involved in this track. Hailing from Paris and Toronto respectively, Martin Solveig and Dragonette released Hello way back when in 2010. It was a pretty big deal if you ask me because it was featured both in a […]

Dragonette – Let It Go

I am a huge fan of Dragonette, her energy and attitude which you hear in her vocals and every word that comes out of her mouth, it’s very real, it’s not forced.  This is something I am always noticing first hand when I am listening to more and more artists especially female artists, of this […]

Dragonette – Fire In Your New Shoes ft. Kaskade

Its the beginning of a new year and it feels really good already, this New Years weekend was really long, and lots of fun don’t get me wrong but I was ready to get going with 2012! What better way to start off 2012 but with the seductive and kick ass Dragonette, this song explains […]

Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix)

And we’re back. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, the whole EMPT crew went up to Long Island and spent the time partying, playing tennis, hanging at the beach and figuring out how we’re going to execute all our plans. I got a few emails and Facebook messages while we were away about […]

Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone (Michael Van She Remix)

I’m sitting poolside at the Grafton in West Hollywood being super rude and blogging over brunch but I heard this remix last night and wanted to post it before I venture off for the day. The original Dragonette song is a phenomenal song about two lovers who have a blast together but are apart because […]