Music Video

Daft Punk – Robot Rock

Can anyone read, can anyone feel?
That I’m losing my patience, I just came here to bounce.”
– Justice (DVNO)

Someone asked me what I thought about the whole Kanye event at the VMA’s and I instantly got a scorching headache, felt sick, tired, hungry and drowsy. It was sort of like my minds auto-defense mechanism against using it’s extremely complicated make-up and resources to compute absolutely idiotic nonsense.  When it comes to the mainstream these days I find that people talk about everything in existence but the music.  Unlike the stereotypical music critics who hate the mainstream, usually for their own selfish reasons, I actually enjoy certain mainstream music. In fact, I think it’s great when a song can connect with millions of people and bring them together in that way.

Someone’s response to my unfavorable review of Blueprint 3 was that Jay-Z is an incredible marketer. I literally had to go home and think for a few hours to try to understand what marketing has to do with the quality of Jay-Z’s music. I didn’t find the answer.

“I see… the gimmicks, the wack lyrics
The shit is depressing, pathetic please forget it.
– Biggie (Flava in Your Ear, 1994)

This is exactly why I find myself listening to more and more instrumental music these days. I chose Daft Punk’s Robot Rock as the feature song for two reasons. One, I wanted to listen to artists that actually cared about their music and two, I wanted an instrumental song that would allow you to zone out and just listen to music for a change.

Daft Punk – Robot Rock