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Son Lux ft. Lorde – Easy (Switch Screens)

Deep baritone sax, unpredictable electric guitar, and a sultry, eerie voice combine to create a rich balance between Son Lux’s instrumentals and Lorde’s intermittent vocals.

Although repetitive, the lyrics speak a simple message of idealized thought versus reality of human nature. If only it were so easy to inhibit the aftershock of heartbreak. How simple it is on paper, to overcome ill emotions. Easy, right? Just get rid of the pain. Just,

pull out the heart that keeps you feeling alone

Lorde has been blowing up on the music scene lately, yet this is the first time I’ve heard her in an instrument-centric song. Because she doesn’t play any instruments, her album “Pure Heroine” focuses greatly on her voice. Lorde had been covering “Easy” on tour in 2013, and recently remixed it with Ryan Lott (AKA Son Lux) to feature simple drums, deep brass, and an uncontrollable electric guitar. Her complex voice pairs well with the producer’s creepy, mysterious sounds to create a dark, contemplative mood for the listener. An interesting curve takes us off course for a spontaneous 30-second release of distorted instrumentals. If you’re not one for noise, you may not enjoy this segment as much as the rest of the song.

“Easy (Switch Screens)” is part of Son Lux’s recent 4-track release, “Alternate Worlds.” It is available now digitally and will be released on limited-edition vinyl at the end of May. Lott has also been working with indie songwriter Sufjan Stevens and rapper Serengeti in a collaboration called Sisyphus, which formed in 2012. They released their debut earlier this year. Keep your ears pricked and hopes high for another collaboration between the pair.

Son Lux ft. Lorde – Easy (Switch Screens)


Son Lux – Easy


I fear I am suffering from life vertigo. Life vertigo being a state where I cannot stand up straight. I cannot get my balance. I feel the sides of my head weighing heavy like an uneven vessel and the cargo is getting tossed back and forth. Not too sure where to come up, but the taste of sick is lingering in my mouth as I flip through my near full inbox and notice I missed the call.

We constantly go through states of chaos and calm and adjust accordingly as this life. I am currently in the former. It is a time where I yearn for what used to be the chaos and I know realize was the smooth sailing.  I am a list writer, a day-week-month planner, type-A. I know this. And I feel like I am suffering from phantom mind syndrome.

This track from Son Lux has an organized, chaotic feel. The levels of sound he introduces are as haunting as they are beautiful. Even for those with a busy mind, you trace the sounds which could easily be someone rubbing their finger around the rim of a wine glass, perhaps playing a saw which is then punctuated with the deep beat of horn. Son Lux has done remarkable work orchestrating tracks for several feature films as well as working with some massive names in both hip hop and alternative music.

Easy is a single from the album Lanterns which released October 2013.

Son Lux – Easy


EMPT Classics: Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix)

I was really craving an EMPT throwback, especially since I am reminiscing in some good times back in 2010.  The people you once knew tend to seem different, but you still miss them none the less, disasters happen such as the recent Hurricane Sandy in NYC, the music keeps changing, and so on and so forth, but yet whether you want to admit it or not, sometimes you want to reminisce and dance in the wonderful memories of the past.  So here is a great throwback from Dragonette to get the Saturday night going and repair the weeks past…Re-Enjoy!

Originally posted July 6th, 2010


And we’re back. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, the whole EMPT crew went up to Long Island and spent the time partying, playing tennis, hanging at the beach and figuring out how we’re going to execute all our plans. I got a few emails and Facebook messages while we were away about Noctambule parties, we’re working on Malibu and Paris with some other cool surprises, stay tuned.

I must say though, it’s nice to be back in the big city, these days I need the city lights more than ever. After all the festivities it’s time to ease back into the fast life, so I needed a song today with an equal amount of calm and energy to get me going. Time is inconsequential and sometimes the right song can make that very apparent, so Fabian’s remix of Dragonette’s Easy was a no brainer. In the song Martina is a girl deeply in love with her man and she’s explaining to him how despite the usual relationship complications she still finds it quite simple and effortless to love him…

Now I’m waiting up for you late at night
Comin’ in from someplace when it’s almost light
‘Cause its easy, hard as it looks

And I’mma stick it out until it’s time to go
Am I getting sick of this? Oh no no
No it’s never hard as it looks…”

I’ve been following Fabian for quite sometime now and this is by far my favorite of his works. The production is subtle enough to enhance the lyrics but still unique and entertaining enough to tastefully divert your attention if need be. Anyways, I’d love to write more but there’s too much to do, enjoy.

Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix)