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Electric Guest – The Bait (Shlohmo Remix)

There’s a certain quality to Shlohmo’s music that seems to combat all the hype I’ve been hearing lately about this young man. We all know the formula at this point: a younger artist with an original sound, one who pushes boundaries and isn’t afraid to create a sound not heard before. Every time I read about something this dude does on the internet, it’s a crazy whirlwind of descriptive language and vibes.

That’s kind of how the live show was in Brooklyn earlier this week. Music Hall of Williamsburg housed some of New York’s mellowest electro lovers on a warm Wednesday evening, myself included. He entered the stage in a faux fog, with neon designs cast in the backdrop and a elaborate stage set up that made him appear like a dreary god-like figure. It was surreal. The beats and sounds to come only made the entire experience even more strange, in the best possible way.

Each song intertwined relatively seamlessly with the last, not because he transitioned between each song, like Little Dragon does in their live shows, but because he played mostly remixes. Electric Guest and Lianne La Havas made memorable sonic cameos. A younger crowd was easy to please with sultry beats and slowed down tempos, but not so quick to recognize this particular track that I picked out from the set. Or maybe it wasn’t because they were young — I sometimes forget that not everybody is on the same nerdy level of music appreciation that I am.

Despite the slowed down atmosphere, I felt literally moved by the music. The bass. The dropped down vocals. I let it all flow through as it produced natural movement, that I then put back into the universe. I think about that a lot though — why more people aren’t comfortable allowing themselves to move freely to music. I think people don’t realize that their movement, the way they process and internalize music, is so important to the atmosphere, because it makes not only the artist aware of their success or failure on stage, but it gives others something to feed off of. I saw The Knife last week, and found myself at one point, amidst a crowd of stoic, unmoving individuals. It made me so upset. Why would anyone come to see The Knife and just stand still the entire time? Not a question for me to answer. After we moved to a different area, I realized that as my friends and I started moving more, the people around us had no choice but to move with us, or move out of the way.

The takeaway: if you feel something, let people know. Show ’em what your body can do.

Electric Guest – The Bait (Shlohmo Remix)


EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Mai 2013

How often do we forget the value and power of our individuality? I mean it’s not something one dwells upon daily but do you realize that your genetic makeup is one of a kind and that every feeling, emotion, thought, inclination or breath you have is unique to you an only you? I’m not talking about corny stuff like the clothes you wear or music you listen to, I’m talking about YOU, not the society version of you but the person deep inside…

We are free when our acts proceed from our entire personality,when they express it, when they exhibit that indefinable resemblance to it which we find occasionally between the artist and his work. – Henri Bergson

Every single one of us has something unique and powerful to offer. EVERYONE. True freedom, not material bullshit like being able to buy a nice car or the new iPhone, true freedom comes when all our actions are in accordance with that one of a kind blend of genes that makes you special. That’s a massive concept but one that deserves attention. I mean, do you know how advanced your body is? Computers are amazing yet nothing close to what you are. Yet if you put in a virus in a computer that joint is going to freak out. Behaving, thinking and acting in ways that aren’t in accordance with your beautiful and unique disposition will have the same effect. When you really think about that for a minute, when you realize what freedom really is you might realize the seriousness of the matter…

Look at me, I just can’t believe what they’ve done to me,
We can never get free… – Amber Coffman (Major Lazer)

Nobody ever thinks about that. Nobody ever thinks about finding themselves anymore. I mean we spend so much time trying to find another person, hustling in our day jobs, playing angry birds, trying to get laid, drinking coffee, worry about nonsense, watching movies and all that other crap that we ignore the discovery of ourselves. The irony is that you offer less to the world and others when you don’t have yourself in order…

Entertainment, Show them what you do with me
When everyone here knows better, What I once refused to be
Is everything they long together
I’d rather be alone…” – Phoenix

I could go on for days about the subject but I won’t, there’s too much to cover. Maybe I’ll write a book someday about it, probably not though, who has the time. I think it’s just important to know that most things these days are designed to keep you away from you – the current system wouldn’t survive otherwise. Anyways, every now and then just remember to step back from all the distraction, step away from people and work on yourself. It’s hard to be objective about yourself and it’s even harder when you’re dealing with people who don’t understand the value of that.

That brings me to the subject of todays post, the May 2013 edition of Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund. Now here’s someone whose never had a problem with tapping into that unique expression of herself through music. There are many ways to express and explore your individuality and it’s no secret art is one of them. The way Steph selects music makes absolutely no sense to me but I love it. It’s the same feeling you get when you look at a great piece of art, at first glace you really have no idea why you like it or why it connects with you but it does and there you are. I think it’s because when someone is honest about their art it reflects their unique personality and you for that moment you dive deep into their zone, it’s a beautiful thing. Anyways, I’ve yapped enough for the day. Press play on LMDM Mai, as usual every song is great and more importantly its the expression of someways life in art form, doesn’t get any better. Enjoy.


Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. St Lucia – All Eyes On You
  2. Electric Guest – This Head I Hold Rudi Zygadlo Remix
  3. Vitalic – Fade Away C2C Remix
  4. Nosaj Thing – Eclipse Blue
  5. Hermitude – HyperParadise (Flume Remix)
  6. Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) –  Holtoug Edit
  7. Summer Heart – I Wanna Go
  8. N.D.M.A – London Grammar-Wasting My Young Years
  9. Jacques Greene – Quicksand
  10. Fruit Bats – When You Love Somebody

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Janvier 2013

Music has taken me many places man but my most recent adventure might be the one to top them all. I spent last week on a 26,000 acre private Villa off Mexico’s virgin coast. I was there curating the music for someones 50th birthday, this person shall remain nameless but all I can say is that my life will never be the same.

A good friend asked me what I got from the trip and aside from the most luxurious partying I’ve ever done, hanging with some of the most beautiful and elegant women I’ve ever encountered, having worldly conversations with the most powerful men around and all the other romance such beauty and power affords, it was the first time I really understood that it’s the rebels who get the best life has to offer…

 How does somebody know what they want if they’ve never even seen it?”

We’re literally bombarded with media these days, which in the context of that question means that what we want is limited to what is put in front of us. For example, these BS Netflix and Pandora algorithms that “know what you like.” At first thought that might seem cool but always getting what you already know and are comfortable with is criminal. Where’s the adventure? There’s no limit to our anything, not our love, our ability to learn or appreciate, to grow or to expand and yet the whole point of these services is to define and box you up. I don’t buy it.

It’s important to ask yourself if the path you’re on is something you created, is it an expression of yourself or is it just something others have created for you? You’ll never find what you seek if let others guide your vision. There is a wonderful experience out there most of us will never get because we got so caught up in the ever expansive rat race but we live in a time when being limitless is easier than ever… The people who excel astronomically in this world are the ones who live beyond it. Welcome to the Space Age, please REBEL ASAP.

That brings me to the subject of today post, the first LMDM of 2013, aka the soundtrack to my story. Le Miel du Mois has been going since 2009 and you think by now we’d know what to expect right? Wrong! This isn’t Pandora baby, this is pure life in the form of music and like someone who is truly living, it’s constantly evolving, changing, learning, adapting, growing, speeding up, slowing down, in love, out of love, partying, chilling out and on and on. I’ve never been able to define LMDM, I could never tell someone it’s one genre of music or what not and it’s one of the reason I and so many others are forever in love with this tape. Where’s the adventure? With LMDM it’s everywhere and it makes me proud to bring you another year of it, enjoy.

januaryyy. sigh. the cold air. hugging your coat a little closer to your body. brisk walks. short cigarettes. cold hands. warm bodies. late night sips. stealing kisses…stay warm & stay up late…

“When I see you standing there. The evening sun upon your hair. Covered up with garden dirt. With just one glance you tear my skirt.” – Nicolas Jaar”

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Misun – Harlote
  2. Crystal Castles – Baptism
  3. Electric Guest – This Head I Hold
  4. Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune (Them Jeans Edit)
  5. Paradis – Hemisphere
  6. New Animal – Falling Up
  7. Ultraista – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix)
  8. Diiv – Follow
  9. The Dø – Bohemian Dances (YUS Remix)
  10. Porcelain Raft – Shapeless and Gone
  11. Kleerup with Lykke Li – Until We Bleed
  12. Young Magic – Sparkly


Electric Guest – Holiday

Having released their first full length Mondo a few months ago, Electric Guest cruises in with another neo-psychedelic pop anthem. Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton, the duo that is Electric Guest, paired with Danger Mouse to produce their sound, and the Mouse‘s touch is magical and shines through in the Motown sound. Holiday explores all those feel good funk moments with falsetto vocals and amorous lyrics about the girl of your dreams.

Top shelf girl is made of gold
Step into it close enough to feel the cold
Where I wait days with no return
The sun one loves to make me feel the burn, the burn…
She’s my holiday, only here for the game
My favorite mistake, living inside the maze
We can make it together and I know
We can make it on our own
Always finds a way to run
Only when the heart begins to sound the drum.”

Twinkling guitars add to the upward spiral of psychedelic soul. A likeness exists in the retro sound to Django Django or the Black Keys, but Taccone’s vocals set Electric Guest apart. Much like the entirety of their album, Holiday reminds us of the shade-wearing, windows-down days of summer and love. It’s a one-way ticket to your carefree, fearless youth.

Electric Guest – Holiday


Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

Electric Guest is a Los Angeles based band who has been getting a lot credibility in the past couple years.  They have worked with Danger Mouse who is one of the best producers out there for an indie pop band and got big eye openers at this past SXSW.

They have something really fun and catchy going on, I hear a little bit of Cee Lo Green in the energy and tempo as well as a jazz swing appeal as well.

They call me, a little grown up
See, I’m upset because I’ve always been stuck
But I don’t know what it is I’m without
Guess I’m in love with always feeling down
See the problem was I
Was fully consumed
With all of the petty things that I couldn’t do
All of the plastic products, shows and woes
I didn’t ever show, I let it go
So I listen while I’m told
Sit back, don’t think, get high
Take drink, sit back, don’t think
The more I listen the deeper I sink
I go higher and I say ooo
Oh ooo I go higher
This head that I hold is so tired
And I say oohh no I go higher
And I said Oohh what’s it gon, what’s it gonna be,
Make me say oohh, what’s it gon, what’s it gonna be
I’m feelin’ so cold, but they won’t, but they won’t
Make me say oh, oh , oh , oh , ohh
So find me stuck in some scene
I wanna get out but there’s no in between
So I sit back as I watch the crowd go
Never assuming that it’s something so low
See the answer is this
If I wanna be free
I gotta stop playin’ round and runnin’ from me..”

These lyrics sum up the way that the majority of our worlds thinks, we get wrapped up in the scene, the material things, what we don’t have but what we want and so we become stuck in this familiar mode and forget that we need to come back to ourselves and get the perspective back.  The perspective that we are running our selves so we have to treat our selves and what we want to become more then we do with all the things that really don’t matter.  We tend to neglect what’s really important all the time which makes us feel even more stuck once we realize this, except there is always a way out and a way forward.

This is exactly what I needed today since I have a lot of work to do in my own life right now to make this happen and to make it move in the direction I have been dreaming about all my life, these uptempo lyrics with advice that is so real but with the right energy doesn’t make you feel bad its pushing your forward.  So on that note if your feeling like your in a rut, stop dwelling on what your not doing and do those things you need to be doing, I have a lot of work today but I wanted to leave you all today with a little inspiration.  As it says in the lyrics “Don’t Think”, this is something that I learned in Improv at UCB theatre, some of the best advice I have ever gotten.

Alright peace everyone, enjoy!

Electric Guest – This Head I Hold