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EMPT: Greatest Hits 2009, Vol. 2

Round 2: Fight! I feel bad for anyone who see’s those words and doesn’t immediately hear the Street Fighter voice in their heads, this post would have started off a lot more entertaining for you. So last week we started our greatest hits series which will be one post a week till the end of […]

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Novembre

Holy shit it’s November and I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is another year has nearly passed and you feel like you haven’t done crap with you life – lame. The good news is that Steph Lund has been kind enough to provide you with some new inspiring music […]

CMJ Party for ABC News Amplified

That’s right fool, we’re sponsoring another party! F o r t h e b e a t and Et Musique Pour Tous are getting in the spirit of CMJ and putting on a show. The cover charge is a mere $Free.99 so come over to Brooklyn’s Public Assembly on October 21st and enjoy the show […]

Electric Tickle Machine – Gimme Money/Blew It Again

Gimme Money! I see something that I want…” Meant to post this yesterday but I went to the Giants game to see the men in blue bully the Raiders, then the Yankees destroy the Twins. Gotta love being from New York. Anyways, Electric Tickle Machine is one of my top five favorite unsigned bands right […]

Electric Tickle Machine – Women Are The New Men

“Women Are The New Men” is my personal favorite from these guys. I heard this back when it was just a demo tape recorded in a Brooklyn sandbox but the song has only gotten better with the new production and recording. This songs lyrics are so good for so many reasons that they’ve inspired a […]

Electric Tickle Machine – Gimme Money

This is song is bad ass. I’m gonna walk into all my meetings this week with Gimme Money playing in the background screaming gimme money bitches! Reminds of the Velvet Underground stuff, bold statement I know but certainly worthy of it. Saw these guys perform out in Brooklyn a while back, the tambourine play is […]