Else – Sequence, Pt. 1

Else’s new EP is cinema francês in a form that contends not with your eyes, but your ears. It’s the heady surreal nature of Noé, the intelligence of Godard, the tension of Kassovitz, all viewed through the lens of winding electronic music. Opener “Origine” feels like the birth state of cosmic  potential while singles “Night Thoughts” and “Back To 8” feel like a phantasmic entity wandering through sleepless Parisian nights. It’s an experience equal parts out of body and utterly grounded in the physical. I spent an extended period of my life in France and this record conjures up a whole list of emotions and memories across years spent in a foreign land that slowly became home. 

This EP brings out my interest in philosophy and film which I never really talk about much on here. I have a ton of passion for not just music but other forms of art too! I think we’re cheating ourselves of the full human experience if we only immerse ourselves in one form of entertainment which stimulates only one part of the vast potential in our brains. We need to quench the spirit, the desire for serotonin pumping gratification, and everything in between! I’ll be doing exactly that this weekend and hope you do too.

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