EMPT Classics: Soko – I’ll Kill Her

Man, this must have been one of my earliest post on EMPT, its fun to think back on that time. Anyways, this easy going, happy go lucky love song about murder should help lighten things up for everyone on this day of love & happiness, re-enjoy.

Originally posted September 10, 2009


You ever think about the people that get to date your ex’s? Doesn’t it piss you off that some random loser gets to benefit from all your time and hard work? We’ve all dated people who are completely crazy but because you care about them you stick around and help them in whatever way. That’s just the personality side of things, what about all the sexual stuff?!

When it comes to love I don’t lie & the girls respect me for it…”

Most guys will do or say anything just to get in a girls pants. Somewhere along the line corny dudes (and girls) confused this poor excuse for seduction as game. The way I see it, if she’s acting like a bitch tell her, if she’s not being sexy enough or not going down right, find a nice way to tell her but tell her. It’s not that simple but I can’t just give you all my secrets, I mean…

What the f*&k you want for free?”

Yeah there’s a little conflict but sometimes that’s what you need to make things better. Yeah you could go along being all fake but your sex life wont reach its potential and you won’t be improving your partner or yourself, and if your not making things better what are you doing?

Ok so you deal with all that and guess who benefits from all this work once you break up?  That’s right the guy/girl after. Ain’t that a bitch!  That’s why I consider my honesty with girls a contribution to society.  The few of us who are actually honest with girls are the ones that make it better for all the other jerk offs who don’t have the balls to do so.  I’m gonna start charging a fee for this shit! Anyways, for some undeserving jerk off to come along and benefit from that type of work pisses me off, which brings me to the point of this post, SoKo’s I’ll Kill Her.

This song is about that guy or girl, the one that gets your lover after all your hard work. I’ve always been a fan of the alternative love songs simply because I think they’re more in tune with the realities of love. Anyways this song is funny, SoKo goes on and on about how this girl ruined her dreams and hypothetically prevented a potentially amazing relationship. I’ve ranted enough so here’s the song, enjoy.

SoKu – I’ll Kill Her


EMPT Classics: Dub Sonata – Nights In Cuba

Getting the exclusive on Nights In Cuba was one of EMPT’s proudest moments, a true underground classic that has been one of our most popular post to date. Re-enjoy.

Originally posted December 20th, 2010


When it comes to music, it’s no secret that out of struggle comes progress and innovation. There’s no greater example of that than the rich, ingenious and often suppressed musical culture of Cuba. Of course, you can’t talk about Cuba without mentioning the big boss international icon of rebellion Comandante Fidel Castro. Good or bad, his influence on the country has been overwhelming and his 1984 type of rule extends itself into every single aspect of Cuban life, the arts being no exception. In fact, some of the most popular Cuban musicians we know, i.e. Celia Cruz were exiles who became “unpersons” because of their association with the anti-revolutionary movement. If you’re familiar with the logic of doublethink, being labeled an “unperson” means you never became anything because according to every single book in Cuban history you never existed – slice…

And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'” – George Orwell, 1984

Castro is well aware of music’s unstoppable power and with the rise of Hip Hop in the country, the government established the Cuban Rap Agency which provides artists with a record label and resources as long as they don’t speak negatively about the country. Did I mention 1984 already?

EMPT is always in a state of revolt but why all the counter culture talk today? Well, today is an exciting day for us because for the second time in our history we are exclusively releasing an album and it’s got rebel written all over it. Say hello to Dub Sonata’s Nights in Cuba, an album inspired by an impromptu, risky yet inspirational trip and cultural experience in Cuba.

I was fascinated when Dub was telling me how one day he’s sitting at home, his friend calls him from the Cayman Islands and says he can get to Cuba from where he was staying. The next day Dub is in the Caymans, two days later no tour guide or reservations he’s in Cuba. As fate would have it he meets a musician who shows him around town and puts him on to a very suspect variety store that randomly has over 3000 badly mistreated vinyl records somewhere in the back. After two days of dusty fingers, without listening to a single track Dub took home 70 plus records, which he shipped back home to avoid questioning at customs – now THAT’S how you dig for records fools!

Back in the states, the plan-less plan continued to develop and Dubs instinct led him to his MPC and the sampling madness began. Drums, bass, New York feel and samples in order, he started showing it around to musicians and tracks went from classic MPC beats to full out compositions with grand piano, scratches, percussion, bass, flutes, you name it – Nights In Cuba was born.

Cuban music is the most popular form of world music mainly because of its masterful blend of European and African music. Naturally, an album that samples such a genre is bound to be as eclectic as the music it represents and that is certainly the case of Nights In Cuba. The album is pure music, there are no gimmicky single attempts, no lazers to hold your attention, nada like that. In fact, some of the tracks are under a minute long and just leave you hungering for more product, i.e. the superdope 53 second song One More Time. Over all the albums reminds me of a dark underground nightclub, the type of place you can go to at 5 in the morning and the bartender makes you a drink according to how you feel.

I have a lot of favorites from the album but one of the standouts for me is called Todos, a knocking, extremely emotional reversed symphony that needs to be used in a movie asap. The second track I’m posting is called Que Lastima and it’s very representative of what the album is like. The first half of the song starts with a very dirty sounding authentic Cuban introduction and then suddenly switches to a banging hip hop beat. Dub must have really been listening to a lot of Cuban music with that production decision. Theres a very famous Cachao called Lindo Yambu known for an extremely laid back 4:00 minute intro that suddenly disappears in the face of an upbeat turnaround. These days it seems like everyone is making music to grab attention which limits the way people express themselves so it’s nice to have an album that sounds so fearless in its arrangement.

Alright, I could talk about this all day, I love what it took to make it, how it was made and the final product. You don’t get to hear this type of stuff everyday. So there you have it, I’m posting two brand spanking new tracks from an album released right here. Check out or listen to the album on iTunes here. To hear our interview with Dub check out our Bandcamp @

I know people don’t buy physical CD’s anymore but Dub went all out with a collectors edition type of album insert. If you’re into that sort of thing check the EMPT store later today, we’ll be selling the limited copies. We’re also giving away a couple, if you want to be the lucky winner hit me up –, enjoy.

Dub Sonata – Todos

Dub Sonata – Que Lastima

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EMPT Classics: Private – My Secret Lover

Happy Holidays everyone!  I thought it was only appropriate to post a classic EMPT track and this one has all the right moves for the Holidays.  Great vibe, great message and the kind of energy that gives your Holiday, whatever you may be doing, a little extra swag.

On that note I am gonna go get back to the beach, re-enjoy!

Originally posted December 22nd, 2010


I always play this song at parties but kept forgetting to post it.

Private is a group from Copenhagen, DK who listened to a lot of Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones while growing up. Every time I play this song or Crucify My Heart I get the chills just thinking about MJ and how he continues to live on through all the people who respect his style. Unfortunately, these money hungry jerks released that poor excuse for a new album under his name but history will soon forget that even happened..

Somethin’ wrong, I hold my head.
MJ gone, that ni&$@ dead!” – Kanye West (All Of The Lights)

Secret Lover went straight to number 1 in Denmark but that’s a no brainer, Thomas Troelsen is a fantastic singer and a very talented producer. Give a song like this a shot it’s going to make some noise. Apparently, Private is regarded as a pop group which in my book is a huge compliment considering how their production decisions tend to stray from the stereotypical pop fair. When the underground and mainstream love you equally it usually means you’re doing something authentic. We’re starting to see a lot more of that these days which is a pretty good sign for music in general, let’s keep it going Private! Enjoy.

Private – My Secret Lover

Music Remixes

EMPT Classics: Gemini Club – Ghost (Hey Champ Remix)

It’s rainy here in Brooklyn and I really wanted to go get a tree today to have my place smelling fresh, but sadly I am cooped in my apt about to watch some football and chillin’ out to some good tunes like this EMPT Classic, Gemini Club.. Not such a bad way to spend a Sunday now that I think of it.


Originally posted October 5th, 2010


A reader by the name of Fleur left this comment in our about page…

Why do you call your music BACHELOR PAD music??????? I am a GIRL (I just noticed that my boyfriend’s music is on your site funnily enough) and I listen to the kind of music you have on your blog in my NON BACHELOR pad. Obviously. I find that very sexist.”

Well Fleur, EMPT is in fact frequented by a mostly female audience and if you read into the site a bit you’ll easily see how much we appreciate everyone that comes to check us out. Also, when I thought of that tag I didn’t really see it as a girl or guy thing, it just so happened that I listened to music I refer to as Space Age and me and all my friends lived in bachelor pads. I wasn’t trying to capture any demographics or any other corny business thing like that, it was…

Just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen
Just what I’m feelin at the time, you know what I mean? – Jay-Z (The Ruler’s Back)

As you stated, you don’t have to be in a bachelor pad to enjoy EMPT and it doesn’t matter what sex you are. Alright, with that cleared up I finally got around to posting the Hey Champ Remix of Gemini Club’s Ghost. There’s not much to say about it, just another great nu disco track to chill out to. I will warn you, the track gets straight up weird at about 3:27, they start doing some dissonant stuff with the melody that takes you away from that blissful feeling the rest of the track has. Aside from that this is a great jam to chill out to, enjoy.

Gemini Club – Ghost (Hey Champ Remix)


EMPT Classics: Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot

I am sure everyone is winding down from an incredible Thanksgiving, I know I am.  I chose this classic because when you’re with all your family and friends giving thanks, whatever anger and tough act you have been putting on lately seems to melt away.  You reach out to someone special regardless of the situation and regardless of whether or not they will reach out too you, it’s about letting the guard down and remembering the good times, not dwelling on the bad.


Originally posted July 27th, 2009


This song is about your classic amateur league lovers, you know, the ones so stuck in their insecurities and limitations that they feel the need to assume a particular style or attitude when it comes to love affairs. I’ve always found it amusing when my girlfriends, the kind and loving P.Y.T.’s they are, try to switch up on me and act tuff instead of just communicating their honest emotions…

 You been acting awful tuff lately, smoking a lot of cigarettes lately.
But inside, your just a little baby.
It’s ok to say you gotta weak spot, you don’t alway have to be on top.
Better to be hated, then loved, loved, loved for what your not.”

While the posing may seem necessary and even get you what you want at the time, your partner will never really know who you are and before you know it another relationship gone, another story is told…

It ain’t nothing really, ayo dun spark the philly…” – Mobb Deep (Shook One’s Part 2)

I’m sure all this sounds cliche but most of the worlds wisdom inevitably is. Enough ranting, here a fantastic song and video by Marina & The Diamonds, enjoy.

Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot


EMPT Classics: Dan Le Sac – Thou Shalt Always Kill

I remember the first time I heard this track was at an Upright Citizens Brigade Harold Show in NYC with someone I shared quite a connection with.  We both looked at each other at about the same time and said “have you heard this?”, “No”, “it’s dope though, definitely for EMPT readers.”  I must have had this track on repeat for months and always reminds me of the good times. Thinking about where I heard this and the perspectives that come from this track and UCB make me smile as we speak, the message is so clear and the fact that I still agree with all of it makes me content that I haven’t compromised who I am or my beliefs.  It’s sad when people you once thought you knew and shared such special commonalities with seem to disappear, but whose to blame?  NO ONE! Because as Dan Le Sac so boldly states….

Thou Shalt Think For Yourselves!”  Re-enjoy!

Original post April 5th, 2010


Not since 50 Cent’s underground hit How To Rob have I heard someone slay so many exalted kings as Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip manage to do here. In the satirical song 50 took on every established rapper at the time and came up with crafty ways to steal their accomplishments. Of course, no one but 50 Cent found the joke funny but it served to shed light on everyones tired ways and gave the industry and it’s players a much needed boost.

I have an obsession with rebels, competition, change, free markets, truth tellers etc for one main reason, they all encourage improvement, bring light to lames and aid the creation of fresh out the box new sh%t. You don’t get much of that these days because everyone wants the quick buck and it’s all about giving people what they want instead of creating something new to desire. The focus in recent years has been on the end result instead of the path, in order words the prize not the process…

I’m out here to bomb, period. That’s what I started for. I didn’t start writing to go to Paris, I didn’t start writing to do canvases. I started writing to bomb… DESTROY ALL LINES.”

Where do I even start with this song? Everything about it is ingenious. It’s direct, honest and opinionated. I like perspective and Thou Shalt Always Kill is full of it.

Thou shalt not stop liking a band just because they’ve become popular…

Thou shalt not put musicians and recording artists on ridiculous pedestals no matter how great they are or were.

The Beatles… Were just a band.
Led Zepplin… Just a band.
The Beach Boys… Just a band.
The Sex Pistols… Just a band.
The Clash… Just a band.”

Quite simply this song is about appreciating but not conforming, enjoy.

Thou shalt think for yourselves!”

Dan Le Sac – Thou Shalt Always Kill


EMPT Classics: Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix)

I was really craving an EMPT throwback, especially since I am reminiscing in some good times back in 2010.  The people you once knew tend to seem different, but you still miss them none the less, disasters happen such as the recent Hurricane Sandy in NYC, the music keeps changing, and so on and so forth, but yet whether you want to admit it or not, sometimes you want to reminisce and dance in the wonderful memories of the past.  So here is a great throwback from Dragonette to get the Saturday night going and repair the weeks past…Re-Enjoy!

Originally posted July 6th, 2010


And we’re back. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, the whole EMPT crew went up to Long Island and spent the time partying, playing tennis, hanging at the beach and figuring out how we’re going to execute all our plans. I got a few emails and Facebook messages while we were away about Noctambule parties, we’re working on Malibu and Paris with some other cool surprises, stay tuned.

I must say though, it’s nice to be back in the big city, these days I need the city lights more than ever. After all the festivities it’s time to ease back into the fast life, so I needed a song today with an equal amount of calm and energy to get me going. Time is inconsequential and sometimes the right song can make that very apparent, so Fabian’s remix of Dragonette’s Easy was a no brainer. In the song Martina is a girl deeply in love with her man and she’s explaining to him how despite the usual relationship complications she still finds it quite simple and effortless to love him…

Now I’m waiting up for you late at night
Comin’ in from someplace when it’s almost light
‘Cause its easy, hard as it looks

And I’mma stick it out until it’s time to go
Am I getting sick of this? Oh no no
No it’s never hard as it looks…”

I’ve been following Fabian for quite sometime now and this is by far my favorite of his works. The production is subtle enough to enhance the lyrics but still unique and entertaining enough to tastefully divert your attention if need be. Anyways, I’d love to write more but there’s too much to do, enjoy.

Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix)


EMPT Classics: Escort – Cocaine Blues

Yup, another EMPT Classic, your welcome!  I thought this would be appropriate since Summer is coming to an end , football season is upon us, the NEW YORK Jets are playing today, and it’s that time of year where life is going a million miles an hour like your flying high on cocaine…Re-Enjoy!


I’ve been on the beach for so long that it feels kinda strange being back in the concrete jungle. Of course, the second I return to the city my inbox is filled with messages, new opportunities are arising and some of my so called friends are starting to reveal their true colors, what does that airport lady say at baggage claim? Oh yeah –

“Welcome to New York…”

I’m sure my LA converts don’t miss any of that. Anyways, I’m out of Mexico and in honor of the return and I wanted to post a new song called Cocaine Blues by NYC’s own Escort. This disco themed gem is bound to be one of 2011′s dance anthems. It’s got an addicting bass line and irresistible groove that just makes you want to get up and jumping. With all the drama that comes along with NYC, you need songs like this on a daily. I’ve got a million thoughts on my mind and the challenge is to stay focused get everything done and excel, I’m not on the girl but I most certainly feel a challenge and exhilaration by the challenges ahead. This is a make it or break it day, week, month, year baby! Ditch the negative, stiff arm the haters, it’s showtime.

I love the way Escort describes the city in this song…

A Knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork – that’s the way we spell New York…”

This holiday vacation was one of the most indulgent trips I’ve ever been on so I’m going to be taking a break from all the pleasures and get back to business but I had to start of the year with this banger, enjoy.

I don’t wanna stop no, no!

Escort – Cocaine Blues

Originally posted on January 3rd, 2011


EMPT Classics: Shiny Toy Guns – Starts With One (Classixx Remix)

You know how we said we were going to bring back the EMPT classics?…..Well we weren’t BS-ing, and we are going to keep this going so keep those eyes and ears open. When searching through the archives I didn’t have to search for more then 60 seconds when I stumbled upon Shiny Toy Guns.  Perfection for a Saturday and for the beginning of the month,” Starts With One,” and isn’t that the damn truth….Re-Enjoy!


Is it me or are we all going through some sort or another of a transitional period? Weather it be global warming, a change in career, or a personal epiphany, I keep meeting people that feel that things as we know them are transcending the norm.

Times are a changin’. ” – Bob Dylan

Well, I’m part of the gang that believes it’s for the better.

I think most of us in the EMPT family would agree to religiously relying on some sound boost to keep our chests popped. Well, this song just set my ass alight. Songs like this one rekindle my faith in the world, people and more importantly, myself. More than rekindling, this song gets me back in ‘Let’s F#$%ckin DO This Sh!t’ mode. Specially during these days I’ve spent with Hec in the city, a tune like this one fits like a bling ring on a finger,

It starts with one … now there’s two… Let’s show them the only way, let’s show them our hearts. Let’s show them the only way, let’s sew up their hearts.”

Any EMPT reader that’s spent more than a month with us is now more than familiar with Classixx and their heart thumping remixes. So here’s another one to set you on superman/superwoman/superpoodle mode. Enjoy

Shiny Toy Guns – Starts With One (Classixx Remix)

Originally posted on December 23rd, 2009