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Stanton Warriors – Bounce and Twist

I’m still in the woods. Might not come back this time. As the summer slips away, I implore you to put this song on and get buck with your crew in the fading light. One of my favs and a real rump-shaker. Stanton Warriors – Bounce and Twist

Lemaitre – Wait (Jerry Folk Remix)

Jerry Folk funks up Lemaitre’s electronic-centric track, “Wait” in the best possible way. Both artists originate from Oslo, Norway, which has produced such acts as Lido and Cashmere Cat. There’s a lot of talent up there! In this mix, Jerry has completely reworked the song by adding groove-able bass and synth, while at the same time keeping just enough of the […]

Addison Groove ft. Josefina – Just You (Jamie Wilder remix)

I dedicate this one to the green. You see, I’ve been hanging out in Washington state for the past week. Amidst the trees & completely immersed in Another Green World. Bound by an infinite curiosity that seems to manifest itself given the opportunity to indulge in nature from time to time… “Picks me up, like you […]

Vance Joy – Riptide (FlicFlac Remix)

Most/many of the posts on here are about love and all are about music. But that is because they are so interchangeable, running parallel and perpendicular. Sometimes you are very much in to it, in love and sometimes you are bored, listless in it. At times you are completely monogamous and other times you are […]

Clipez — Sensual

NYC is just “GO!“, at ALL times. Whether we’re going to work early in the morning, headed to a photo/video shoot in the afternoon, ordering delivery for dinner, or just heading to class to get our skinny on, New Yorkers have a way of making the simplest tasks seem like the most important things. We rush out of […]

MC Solaar – Les Temps Changent

There was a time when very smart people, i.e. Aristotle, thought earth was the center of the Universe. They based all their beliefs, understandings, and way of life on a theory that was completely false. Of course science later proved them wrong and the world would move forward, but think about that for a minute and […]

EMPT Classic: Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice

Vintage EMPT. As you can see we haven’t changed much, we’re still those divergent kids who can’t be placed, still pushing the limits, testing things, exploring, traveling and challenging ourselves, unlearning and growing. James Bond had a big impact on me for so many reasons. The vintage Bond films are aesthetically wonderful in how they […]

Retro Culture – Weekend

Weekends are precious to me, a young 20-something “professional” who works the traditional 9-5 office job. I finally understand what “living for the weekend” means! I cram most of my life into those 8 days a month, sometimes sacrificing a vacation day in order to extend a weekend trip. Who really wants to fly to […]

Rustie – Attak (Featuring Danny Brown)

I feel the need to apologise. Every Wednesday (being my day to write) has been a struggle and release. I realise that many people come to the site to take a break and read through some little thoughts or big thoughts, insight on music, etc. But I use it as a release too. Whatever I […]

The Weeknd — Devil May Cry (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Edit)

There is something strange about the way people still follow the masses these days. This is not because they haven’t always followed the masses that it seems strange to me, but because nowadays we have more access to real-time information than ever, and maybe because by now we should be able to tell what is really, […]