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Benjamin Earl Turner – Humble Pi (Prod. by Who Is This Guy)

Damn I don’t know why I just got to this.  Haven’t really been on top of looking through our submissions, it would take me pages and pages to explain Mom and work life to you if you don’t already know what that 24/7 life is. I really like this dude Benjamin, his vibe, the comedy […]

Rangleklods – Young and Dumb

Dad, mom told me you used to want to be a rock star when you grew up. –          You’re mom’s right little dude. –          So…what happened? –          I spend a lot of time smoking weed, chasing women, having more fun than my level of productivity deserved. I was young and dumb. –          Dad, how in […]

Violet Days x Win and Woo – Your Girl Remix

This is the push and pull at the heart of any serious relationship isn’t it? Once the initial gloss wears off, it comes down to the real reason why you’re in the relationship. Is it out of convenience? Is it out of fear of being alone? Is it out of desire for consistent sex? When […]

D.D Dumbo – Satan

Walk in. Watch. Everybody is here to have a good one. He misses her though. Go to the bar. Get some ginger ale in that solo cup. Best way to keep dipsh*ts from asking why you aren’t drinking at a party anyway. Walk around. Meet new people. She’s too busy talking to him. He seems […]

Pegasus Warning – Building A Bridge

Artist comparisons in press emails can get a bit ridiculous, don’t you think? Artists need to believe in their creations of course, but when a PR team represents a rap duo as the next coming of Outkast or an indie band as the next coming of The Strokes, it sets the bar just a bit […]