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Shuggie Otis — Strawberry Letter 23

Ashley Hefnawy is like a cool comic book crusader to me. The few times that I have seen her in the flesh, it has been as if I myself am just another part of her comic book world. Even in my environment she managed to make me feel that way. Her passion and love for […]

Jessie Ware – Keep On Lying (TOKiMONSTA Remix)

I’d quite like to talk about dancing really quickly. Now, this isn’t a dance song, but I’m currently tapping my feet along to the good-ness that is TOKiMONSTA’s style. She (yes, SHE) first captured my attention with “Drive” (do your ears a favor and search our site for this post), so I was happy to […]

Camp Claude — Trap

She thought that I sent her this song as some sort of subliminal message to our lives. I found it funny when I realized it. I also found my twitter feed on her phone pretty funny considering the fact that she does not have, nor own a twitter account. I’ve know for years that whether […]

jr. hi — C – A-R – A-M – E-L

I exist in a life that feels all too surreal for me. A life where the women I desire appear in front of me, and where the places I want to go and the people that I wish to meet somehow find themselves raveled and intertwined within it, intoxicated by a mind that moves much […]

Amadou & Mariam – Ce N’est Pas Bon (JD Twitch edit)

Hypocrisy in politics, It’s not good. It’s not good. We don’t want any. Demagogy in politics, It’s not good. It’s not good. We don’t want any. Dictatorship in politics, It’s not good. It’s not good. We don’t want any. Happiness, happiness for the people, Love, love for the people. It’s not good. It’s not good. […]

Madeon — Imperium

It used to be that before heading out into the city I’d throw on some Hip Hop to get ready for the night of excitement to come. After a hot shower, I’d turn the sound system on at home, stare at the city from my windows as I got dressed while listening to the latest […]

Rae Morris – Closer (Tom Misch Remix)

Tom Misch has been getting a lot of EMPT love lately. And it’s not surprising! His smooth tenor voice and the jazzy style of guitar are brought together wonderfully. He also has a lot to offer to other artists’ songs. Take Rae Morris’s “Closer”- Tom adds just a little- just enough- to change the entire mood, […]

Anderson Paak – Miss Right

First of all, this is the jam. California native Anderson Paak’s brand of music is about as stylish, modern and fresh as they come. His debut album “Venice” is a proclamation of his love for California to which I can most certainly relate. January of 2015 marks my 3rd year of West Coasting’ and not one day […]

José James — EveryLittleThing

I think I’m alright I think it’s not a good day to die today You know I feel like flying Anywhere fast, fucking far away” The world is in disarray. Americans protesting on all coasts, police officers shooting citizens and choking them to death for infractions that don’t even command arrests by law, and a […]

Romare – Pusherman

Romare does it again. Killer groove & smutty samples with his signature cut and paste stylings, dig it. I’ve written about at least two other Romare tracks this year– this up and coming British producer is definitely one to check out if you’ve yet to experience his magic. Pusherman is the B side to his latest 12″ […]