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Dad – Smash Bros

Enigmatic cartoon character Dad returns with another bedroom-pop single that calls upon the catchiest pop writing elements. All context of the charming branding of this project aside, this is just a wonderful single. The vocals have just the right mixture of swagger with charming sway and the production bounces along with all the right pockets […]

The Geek X VRV & Møme – Overview Effect 1972 (feat M.I.L.K.)

The Geek x VRV have been impressing me all year and that continues on what’s easily their poppiest record to date. It feels like a genuine radio smash to have lyrics memorized and people singing along. The production has deep bass tones to ground it, yet totally airy elements that make it as uplifting as […]

EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois – Novembre 2019

EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois – Novembre 2019

Tennyson – Telescope EP

Tennyson has delivered what I can only describe as the prettiest EP of the year. Telescope feels like floating away into the clouds and becoming an ethereal being that looks over all the lights dotting Earth and can zoom into any little scenario at will, observing with care whether it’s the procession of giant landmarks […]

Autumn In June – Call Me When The Party’s Over

Autumn In June has always had insights into life in Los Angeles that feel more authentic than most music that emerges from the city. Rather than the bright lights that generally are the main focus, he channels the minuscule moments that occur under the radar throughout the city streets. On “Call Me When The Party’s […]

Marie Lang – Don’t Wanna Go Back

I wrote about Marie Lang earlier this year and she returns with a killer new single. It’s called “Don’t Wanna Go Back” and it’s a stunning indie-pop outing that feels like the genre at its most intricate and intelligent. The verses are dripping in soul, but the chorus feels like Imogen Heap or Dido at […]

Night Tales – HAUNT EP

I’ve been chomping at the bit to write about this new Night Tales EP, instantly one of my favorite electronic releases of the year. It’s only three songs but each one is a journey worth embarking on. The first track is called “Ghost” and it’s an upbeat vocal led cut that would fit right in […]

Sophie Bom – Housewife

I had the privilege of hearing a taste of Sophie Bom’s new album before it dropped today and oh man am I blown away. Her vocals are so touching, discussing motherhood and marriage through the lens of Los Angeles which offers such a wide breadth of perspective to understand her view of the world. The […]

Yahtzel & Amastro – Nothing

This new single from Yahtzel and Amastro came in hot to my inbox with all the makings of an irresistible electronic romp. Consider that potential met because “Nothing” is a really infectious, forward-thinking tune that makes all the pleasure centers in your brain light up. It offers equal possibilities to make you dance or lay […]

Luis Crucet – Current EP

Luis Crucet’s Current EP starts off on a wonderful note that feels more like post-rock than any sort of electronic music that he looks to delve into throughout the rest of the record, setting a stunning tone that informs the atmospherics to come. “Mist”, a single I previously delved into on our pages, sounds even […]