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Madnap – Honey (feat. Sophie Meiers)

I’m a huge fan of Sophie Meiers’ work – much like industry contemporary Ashe, she’s found a wonderful balance between topliner and enthralling solo artist. “Honey” is an impeccable look at those worlds colliding as her vocals soulfully float atop Madnap’s catchy production with a graceful aura that feels suited less for an electronic festival’s […]

Kasum – Burned Bridges

Sometimes being burned out on what you love most and taking a step back can result in some of the most valuable experiences in the long run. I knew I wanted to be in the music industry from the age of 15, but in college I finally became sick of music blogging and took a […]

Donkeyboy – Kaleidoscope

I have quite a few memories from my childhood of looking through a kaleidoscope and being amazed at all the colorful explosions. It was amazing that a little plastic toy could be so inspiring. People always describe using psychedelics as a similarly colorful experience, but that wasn’t the case for me – I was stressed […]

LondonBridge – Treat Me Right

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing LondonBridge behind the decks for packed audiences at Exchange and Sound alike, but the Space Yacht mastermind’s set on Tuesday night was quite possibly his best yet. Spinning at 11pm as the club began to fill up, he brought the collective energy of the crowd from eager to outright […]

Venza – Mad Love (feat. Aallis)

For such an original track, Venza’s “Mad Love” makes me strangely nostalgic – hints of longing for innocence on the verge of being corrupted in high school, that corruption’s peak pleasure and transition to self-destruction as spring faded into summer during a strange year of college. Funnily enough, the song taps into one of the […]

Blondie – Heart Of Glass (Auxil’s Flip)

There are some legacy acts that aren’t visible everywhere you go like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd who are printed on every other shirt and poster you see, but they’re beloved to listeners and critics and musicians (will this be Carly Rae Jepsen in the future!? hmm…). In my eyes though, Blondie is one of […]

Brasstracks – Those Who Know

This new one from Brasstracks couldn’t have arrived at a better time. As the summer heat quickly begins to recede from its peak last week, “Those Who Know” is tailor-made for driving with the windows down and soaking up some of the best weather of the year in Los Angeles. Last night I drove through […]

LOKI – Lovin’ U (feat. Avedo)

Hats off to Epicure – for a label only established last year, they’ve just taken a step that signals a knack for curation to rival the best of electronic music’s rising boutique collectives. That notion comes to fruition on LOKI and Avedo’s new collaboration “LOVIN’ U”, an impeccable dive into synth-soaked romantics with sleek production […]

Super Duper – Never Gets Old (Feat. Remmi)

A lot of things get old throughout life, but if you direct your energy toward things you genuinely love then it’s much less likely to happen on drastic scales. You can’t just throw all of your energy into your passion without taking care of the base levels of your life, though. It’s great to be […]

Lui Peng – What To Say

Whether it’s on a macro scale or micro scale, it’s always exciting to watch the growth of an artist in realtime. There’s something so gratifying about tracking their creative energy as it evolves from a raw state into a focused vision that has the potential to make an impact on those who interact with their […]