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Spread Love Not Hate…

Let us not forget how we all got here, love is what made us, not hate. As a women I made choices that changed my life forever because I chose to listen to my heart and my body.  Everyone one has a job to do whether you are a women, a man, gay, straight, black […]

Melf – CRZY (Feat. Alexandra Rotan)

Apart from being a mutant banger, Melf’s “CRZY,” feat. Alexandra Rotan reminds me of the Spanish Harlem streets where I lived for years. Dark edge thinly veiling a boiling excitement — the regular reminder that with urban grit comes poverty/crime/pain, but also vitality, raw energy in un-refined form breeding the hardest music, fashion, religion, slang. […]

Mozambo & Basic Tape – Bright Side (ft. Julia Church)[RYI Remix]

You’ve gotta keep on fighting You want to bring this on You’ve gotta keep on going Shout it when the beat is on Make the best with what you get Take it all and fuck the rest Get your shit together Cheer up smoke a cigarette You know this feeling When the world stops turning […]

Guster – Satellite (JordanXL Remix)

Waaaay back when the original version of “Satellite” came out, I wasn’t listening to too much rock music at the time, but I really liked it. Something about the punchy drums and the soulful groove gave it a lot more flavor that most indie-rock songs at the time. That trippy little synth break made me wish […]

Emma Gatsby – 2 Steps (White Cliffs Remix)

More sonic wizardry from White Cliffs, who manages to turn Emma Gatsby’s slice of pop goodness into a swampy, syrupy slow-burner. The odd pairing actually brings out the best in both artists, as Emma’s tales of outsmarting her cheating boyfriend sound edgier and more dangerous with White Cliffs’ haunting backdrop. And WC’s production sounds as […]

A Tribe Called Quest – We The People

This track is appropriate for many different reasons, in fact the entire album is.  I can’t fully explain the emotions I felt in anticipation for this album or what I felt when I listened to it.  It’s everything I thought it was going to be and more, but who knows maybe I am biased because […]

DROELOE – In Time (Feat. Bella Doron)

I allow few things in our world the complement of being called meticulous. It is an adjective reserved for the synthesis of computer chips, the inner workings of a clock, the complex anatomies of our bodies…and Droeloe music production. High praise indeed. In my humble yet critical opinion there exist no more detail-oriented electronic producers […]

CUT_ – Tune In Tune Out

I am all about some feel good beats right now, something that makes the sun shine even when the day is gloomy and cold.  I am learning how to use Logic Pro, I am noticing certain technicalities in music that I didn’t before and I think that is part of the reason this track jumps […]

PatrickReza – Lights Out (Feat. Abhi The Nomad)

One day I’m writing about dancing with the lights out to “This Is How We Walk On The Moon”, the next day I’m writing about a song called “Lights Out”! Today’s song comes from 23 year old producer Patrick Reza and rapper Abhi The Nomad though, so the vibes are *much* different. And before I […]

Jose Gonzalez – This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Thomas Jack Remix)

People get so caught up in “the experience” that comes with an electronic song when they talk about hearing it live…it’s like the music isn’t as important as 100,000 watts of bass or enough strobe lights to cause a seizure. For me, it’s still all about the rhythm, and man does Thomas Jack bring plenty […]