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Xan Griffin – Gemini (Feat. WILD)

The artwork for Xan Griffin’s “Gemini” looks like it was taken straight from the dust jacket of a Lovecraftian novel, so it goes without saying that I looked for the track to deliver an imagination-inciting sound. There’s no doubt that Griffin and his featured counterparts in WILD deliver on those expectations as the track builds up with […]

Lenis – Told Him

I don’t have much of a personal anecdote to relate to Lenis’ “Told Him,” but I do have a laundry list of aspects to her debut solo outing that I’m prepared to rave about. Where to start? She moves with such ease atop Zuma’s production that her vocals feel almost conversational, yet each and every note […]

Lincoln Jesser – Somebody Will (feat. Gabrielle Current)

The album artwork for “Somebody Will” feels like vaporwave and neofuturism collided into a timeless display, so I’m naturally infatuated at first sight. The purple and blue hues fading into one another are enchanting while the forthcoming collision between a static relic and a dynamic piece of technology brings to mind countless possibilities. If 2001: A Space […]

Birdee – Give Into Love (Feat. Chloe Amber)

From the rumbling bass line that sounds like a cousin of the “Another One Bites The Dust” bass line, to the dramatic synth stabs, to the sultry vocal – Birdee’s beautiful “Give Into Love” has all the makings of a nu-disco classic. Every sound and even the placement of each sound recalls the best elements […]

Dede – Faultline (Feat. Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear)

I sit here writing, looking out of a Helsinki apartment window through crisp Nordic air — the sun rises at 4:45am and sets at 10:30pm — a strange paradox for an expatriate from LA. My view of old bricks, cream & salmon stone, stoic church steeples and tin roofing reminds me that Europe was ancient […]

Checo – Superpowers

Somehow each season always creeps up on me, even though the same thing happens four times a year, every year. Couldn’t be much more clockwork than that, yet I’m always surprised when the weather changes a little and the nights get a little longer or shorter. I often feel like I don’t realize it’s a […]

VALENTINE & 4AM – Us (ft. Naji)

Due to their combination of uplifting music and eye-popping aesthetics, I quickly developed a special affinity for Moving Castle when I first discovered tracks from Chet Porter and Manila Killa a little over a year ago. Every addition to their roster since then has seemed like an organic extension of their brand and identity, likely in […]

Joe Hertz – Simple ft. JONES (Chris McClenney Remix)

I usually don’t have a burning desire to dress up and get down, but Chris McClenney’s “Simple” remix has me searching for the nearest velvet-covered club. JONES’ soulful vocals sound immaculate as they build up to the track’s euphoric release of stuttering lounge stylings before reconvening with its newfound direction; it’s a collision between music’s past […]

Aftrparty – Hold Me Down

“Hold Me Down” is a balancing act. Gritty yet melodic, infectious yet subdued, the Aftrparty production constantly shifts gears with precision as one form gives way to another. It’s not just the broad transition from PB Kaya’s emotive r&b to Rawch’s charming bars, though – peep how the guitar is incorporated into the drop piece-by-piece […]

Point Point – Hands (feat. Denai Moore)

A car floats 1,000 feet above the earth’s surface and the city around it continues to stretch beyond the stratosphere with a decadent silver-and-white glow. A glass platform leads into the nearest building and minimalist décor equates extravagance. In the middle of the entrance stands a pedestal upon which a thixotropic set of hands rests. They […]