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DJ Sliink & Zak Leever – Never Stop

Jersey club is a genre whose stop-and-start rhythm usually dominates the forefront of tracks, but pioneer DJ Sliink has thread the sound through a contemporary, wide-appealing electronic approach on “Never Stop”. It’s an atmospheric cut that feels more suited for late night cruising than sweaty dance floors as the touches of jersey club arrive as […]

Xie – DRIP

Xie is a fucking boss and her new single makes that crystal clear. Her vocals have an effortless swagger to them that makes her bragging about diamonds on her body, generally flexing, and being a rockstar sound so natural. The production adds a whole other layer of sonic braggadocio with a deep bass line that’s […]

Kill Paris – Red Lights (Madnap remix)

Madnap’s approach to electronic music comes with an organic bent that’s hard to quantify but has been on full display with tracks like last year’s “Honey”. His sound feels so honest and personal rather than over-processed to the point of a disconnect; it’s subtle and stunning as seen on his brand new remix. Taking on […]

Lonely Benson – Lonely Benson

Lonely Benson is an absolute fucking virtuoso and his debut album makes that crystal clear. It’s scattered with hints of nostalgia that touch specific parts of the soul (my Neon Indian chillwave phase and perpetual ’80s fandom are both satisfied), yet he simultaneously delivers a new experience that teases out fresh thoughts and feelings. The […]

Disco Fries – U Make Me (feat. Raquel Castro)

Disco Fries have carved out a feel-good niche whose common thread runs through all of their tunes. Their newest continues that trend as they team up with vocalist Raquel Castro for a perfect release to mark the beginning of spring. It’s a kaleidoscopic cut that reflects all the saturated colors of its single artwork with […]

Molly Moore – No Stress

No stress…I wish I was experiencing that sensation right now. Life has thrown some interesting curveballs lately, all of which has culminated in notable anxiety, but I’m working through it with tools at my disposal. I’ve practiced meditation, written about my thoughts, and attempted to maintain daily contact with a spiritual force higher than myself. […]

warner case – thereforeyou

It’s guaranteed to be a good day when new warner case comes through my emails, so it seems like a promising Thursday is in store. This new one called “thereforeyou” is a total ear worm, yet it’s so lowkey and understated at the same time. It has such a nice groove that hits all the […]

Justin Caruso – More Than A Stranger (feat. Cappa & Ryan Hicari)

I’m a sucker for a good vocal duet and that’s the centerpiece of Justin Caruso’s new single. Featuring Cappa and Ryan Hicari, the two provide beautiful and melodic performances that intertwine with one another like holding hands with someone you love. It also fits the songs theme of becoming more than a stranger as you […]

KHAI – For You

I often use music to soothe the soul every Monday as I ease into the week; it squashes any anxieties I may have about the days ahead and grants a base level of positivity for me to build upon. KHAI’s “For You” is a wonderful addition to that soundtrack as the single is a slice […]

JUICY – Cast A Spell

I expected moody indie-pop from the opening moments of Cast A Spell, but after a mellow introduction, was greeted by playfully powerful bars from the duo that deliver female empowerment with an edge. There’s something wonderfully seething how they casually bounce around lines that taunt men for underwhelming genitals and hold their sexuality above the […]