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SNBRN (feat. Holly Winter) – Sometimes

Something about beginning of this song feels as pensive as the title. It’s feels like it’s testing the waters, dipping it’s toe in to see how cold it is. Then you can feel the nostalgic vibe kick in, the misty-eyed thoughts about the past, certain electric moments that are ingrained in your brain like flashbulb […]

Choose Your Pimp

It’s a sad but a choice nonetheless. By choosing to play a game we don’t own, we choose to be pimped. But look around you say, I can do whatever I want? This very illusion romanticizes the reality – So many pimps to choose from! If you don’t own, your passion becomes someones product. We essentially pay to […]

Midoca – Everything I Need

Growing up, my brother and I used to laugh hysterically every time our dad started to get choked up watching a movie. He’d start popping and snorting, trying to hold back the tears, pretending he wasn’t getting emotional and my bro and I would lose it. Mostly because the scenes seemed completely innocuous, and our little feeble […]

Francis And The Lights – THANK YOU

This is the beginning, Somehow it feels like an ending. Spoken like a true beginner. We’re gonna get there… Such a strange decision, To fight to the finish. Only just to say are you finished? We’re gonna get there… Give my number to God, give my phone to my best friend. Tell him call up all my […]

VOKES – Slow Down

I was vibing to the beginning of this track, enjoying the tinny, transistor radio-style throwback sound when the chorus unexpectedly burst through like the Kool-Aid guy crashing through some dry-wall. The rush of lush sounds felt like a tropical wave crashing up against my body. Getting salt water all up in my mouth, eyes and ears, but […]