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EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois – mars 2020

EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois – mars 2020

The Two Fake Blondes – If You Really Love Me

The Two Fake Blondes may be a brand new duo, but they’re crafting some of the most infectious dance music within the scene right now. Case and point: “If You Really Love Me”, a colorful house single that has enough infectious energy to make every second feel like a celebration. The production is crisp and […]

Delacey – Cruel Intentions (feat. G-Eazy)

Delacey captivated me with her precise, incisive approach to both lyrics and sound on her debut singles, a rare case of a songwriter making the jump to standout artist in her own right. Each release has subsequently expanded the layered imagery of her pop-r&b world, from the introspection of earlier cuts to the massive heat […]

EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois – février 2020

EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois – février 2020

updog – dying breath

updog’s new single is a major mission statement that puts him in a distinguished category of artists who have figured out the perfect intersection between raw throwback vocals and super current electronic sounds. “dying breath” is a colossal heavy hitter in every sense of the word, feeling like the perfect soundtrack to your latest epic […]

TESSA – Bad Bad Love (ft. Terrell Morris)

Formerly known as Hoodlem, TESSA continues to validate the extensive buzz around her with a modern, r&b-infused pop single that harnesses the maturity of a seasoned veteran prepared to make waves throughout the scene. It’s personal yet punchy, sentimental yet self-assertive, cycling through a range of emotional approaches that all fit neatly within one another’s […]

Rich Delinquent – It’s Cold Where I’m From

Rich Delinquent returns to our pages with an emotional ballad that’s classic in its sentiments yet forward-thinking in sound, calling upon introspective vocals spread atop an externalized electronic beat that wobbles as each heart-string is tugged. “It’s Cold Where I’m From” begins with a sparse atmosphere spliced with keys as Rich Delinquent’s vocals exist front […]

Ella Isaacson – Naked (Acoustic)

Ella Isaacson proves herself as a pop tour-de-force through an acoustic take on “Naked”, its original iteration being a bouncy r&b-infused bop that’s vulnerable yet supremely poised. Her acoustic take, on the other hand, feels like a revealing confessional with the lights down, only Isaacson and her piano present as she commands the center of […]

Sulkin’ Raven – Oxygen

Sulkin’ Raven reminds me deeply of a similarly-named aves, Blackbird Blackbird, for his kaleidoscopic landscapes. That’s about where the similarities end though as “Oxygen” proves itself to be a time-traveling delight that channels ’80s synth music and modern chip-tune sprinkles alike. His instrumentals are masterful, showcasing a decadent approach to layers upon layers swirling together […]

Xie – Seasons ft. Reo Cragun

Xie’s return on “Jungle Juice” was the perfect party-pop anthem, but she takes an emotional turn on “Seasons” that’s pure chills-inducing fare. The production is intricately melodic as little flashes of keys and chopped up vocals swirl underneath a wake-up call of a lead synth that awakens all the senses. That all goes without mentioning […]