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Carter Reeves – Front Porch

I had to get a last minute post in before the weekend because Carter Reeves has struck me with one of my favorite songs of the year. He’s been a super consistent artist for as long as I can remember, but this new one is like everything clicked and he’s ascended to seriously gifted songwriter […]

Delacey – Actress

Delacey has pure pop radio potential but she flexes soulful roots on a new single that feels more fitting for the coolness of college radio, or hell, even your local alt-rock station. The diversity of her talents is just mind-blowing and positions her as truly nothing less than a star in waiting. “Actress” is a […]

The Geek x VRV – Kanagawa Waves 1831 with Fakear & Balkan Bump

The Geek x VRV have officially delivered the vibiest single of 2019. This one is pure atmospheric waves, slowly floating you through a sonic mist where sounds come from every direction and naturally dissipate into the next drip of aquatic direction. If they’re trying to take us back to the year 1831 through the lens […]

Else – Back To 8

Else come through with an absolute thriller in music form called “Back To 8” that feels like a Nicolas Winding Refn soundtrack that burst off the frame and came to life. There’s a beauty and tension that intertwine with one another, inspiring awe and suspicion at the same time. You can’t help but be sucked […]

Las Aves – Worth It

“Worth It” has the building tension of an electronic club song with the release of Purity Ring esque exhilaration. It’s pure catharsis in audible form, an ode to self-love that feels like a giant sigh of relief as all the serotonin and endorphins rush through the brain like a dam that’s been plugged up for […]

Broken Back – One By One (Alle Farben Remix)

I’ve written quite a bit about Broken Back so I’m stoked to see Allen Farben take on “One By One” and flip it into a feel good track that seems like the perfect swan song as summer fades into the fall. It’s like a subtle little anthem that makes you want to sway back and […]

Luis Crucet – Mist

Luis Crucet’s new single is an absolute masterclass in clean, crisp production that strikes deep with each and every pocket encroached. It’s so dense yet so clear, offering a full breadth of atmospherics that toy with the mind while overwhelming the immediate senses – a beautiful balance is struck that commands nuanced attention. The vocals […]

Luke Wylde & Rhea Robertson – Save Yourself

Luke Wylde and Rhea Robertson offer up an absolutely powerful level of synergy on their collaborative new single. It’s a gritty anthem that feels equal parts dive bar and arena stage, the guitar licks sounding like the smoke of cigarettes wafting through your local club while the vocal hook is equipped for arms waving back […]

Ashe – Moral of the Story: Chapter 2

I’ve been raving about Ashe endlessly for years now and she keeps proving herself with every release. It’s so amazing to maintain such a high level of quality while consistently shifting and evolving her sound, from the days of being our favorite electronic topliner, to sunny indie-pop, to deep and introspective tunes with the ability […]

Xtevie – Vanilla Tequila

Xtevie is the life of the party and brings some real swag to her music that’s impossible to ignore. “Vanilla Tequila” is her latest trap cocktail that comes with a banging beat and hype vocals that feel like if 2009-era Ke$ha decided to rap (as someone who seriously appreciates that period of pop, I mean […]