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Emoh Instead – Why Can’t You (Say So…)

At first I didn’t know what to think of Emoh Instead’s “Why Can’t You (Say So…)”. At first, you’re exposed to a voice manipulated to become low-pitched and slow-tempoed, accompanied by a highly contrasting woman’s soprano whining in the background. Quickly thereafter, the mood is flipped as trappy horns hit you right in the face. […]

Treasure Fingers & BOSCO – Names


The Juan MacLean – You Were A Runaway

Something that seems to be the norm more than ever is declaring a need to escape, to take holidays, to runaway. There is something we hold to be romantic and the highest form of freedom – being away from our lives. “I was feeling sad, Can’t help looking back Highways flew by… Run, run, run away […]

Panama — Stay Forever

I don’t get it man. As a writer I look forward to my day on here because the page I open up and start writing on is one of the most beautiful blank canvases I get to see. I love filling these canvases with words. I get such a high off of knowing that somewhere […]

Kaytranada – Leave Me Alone ft. Shay Lia

He’s been hot for a minute already, but if you haven’t yet booked your ticket on the overnight bus to the netherworld that is the Kaytranada bandwagon, step right up. It isn’t that the songs are downers – in fact, they all feature an inignorable positivity – but rather that they are down. They don’t […]

Sylvan Esso – Coffee

This song is a paradox. It’s the type that can chill your mind while at the same time making you want to jig with it. The subtle synth and soft female vocals with occasional dings of bells come together quite nicely. Get up, get down Sylvan Esso is comprised of Amelia Meath on vocals and Nick Sanborn […]

Angus & Julia Stone – Grizzly Bear (Lakechild Edit)

There is a shift in many of the psyches of this, our, younger generation. It is not cool to be elitist. It is frowned upon to judge others, to act a class above or oblivious to the cultures of our fellow humans. Arguably due to the accessibility of information, the ease of traveling now to […]

Redlight – 9TS (90s Baby)

Biggie Smalls, Versace shades, Moschino jeans & Alize. ODB, Brooklyn Zoo, DJ Randall on the 1’s & 2’s.” Nostalgia never gets old. Redlight – 9TS (90s Baby)  

Crystal Fighters — Love Alight (Jean Tonique Remix)

I fell in love with words the moment I began to read. It was through the words that I read in books that I began to see how much power letters put together had. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a writer. At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say […]

Moods – A Long Time (Moods Remix)

It’s been a long time…” Ain’t that right. At this point my closest friends and I have been on our respective journeys for nearly a decade, we’re not rookies anymore. We’re at the stage where expectations are met, period. When I was 21 the earthly world was such a mystery, I would look at my […]