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Justice – We Are Your Friends (k?d Remix)

This is one hell of a wild ride down remix road. Somehow rising producer k?d added an insane EDM-meets-arena-rock sound to Justice’s legendary smash “We Are Your Friends,” while still maintaining the spirit of the original. The booming snares sound like they should be blasting out of a football stadium on Sunday afternoon. The gritty, […]

Sharon Jones – I’m Still Here

Sharon Jones released her first record when she was 40 years old. Most people give up on their dreams in their early 20’s fam. “I’m Still Here” is the story of her name. Nothing inspires me more than hard work and perseverance. Sharon fought so hard to sing her song and when the finally listened she gave […]

White Cliffs – Twiddle

When I graduated from college and moved down to LA in the early 2000’s, I was just a wide eyed youngster trying to understand the insane size of this sprawling city. In fleeting moments it felt like I had it under control, but mostly it felt like I was being swallowed whole. Luckily I had a […]

Little Ashes – Find The Lost

I’m huge on percussion, so naturally I’m not too into songs without drums. Sure, I understand the concept and reasons, but no drums is as much of a deal breaker for me as girls with ugly hands and feet. So, as “Find The Lost” reached the 1 minute mark without a trace of percussion I […]

Pretty Sister – Thirsty

In honor of the copious amounts of salt we all ingested over this fine Thanksgiving weekend, Pretty Sister is back with a new funk-filled track called “Thirsty.” Complete with a fantastic Parliament-inspired bridge/break-down, “Thirsty” is another tale of sun-soaked sexcapades in the wonderful life of Pretty Sister. There’s truly nobody out there creating modern funk and […]