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Danelle Sandoval – Say No

This is the first time Danelle Sandoval has come across my radar, but it’s readily apparent that she brings the full package as catchy music and a killer sense of style intertwine for exactly what I want from an artist in 2018. Her newest “Say No” has an array of small touches that give it […]

Luna May – Silly Boys

Luna May’s newest marries the forward-thinking with the timeless on “Silly Boys”, a stunning new single that’s simultaneously atmospheric and gritty. She has the vocal poise of a seasoned songstress as she strings along each and every word with a sense of importance that lends itself to a natural storytelling ability. The production is a […]

Kaerhart – Losing My Mind

There are individuals who transcend a single medium in favor of a breadth of artistic talents. Kaerhart is no stranger to that notion as the Los Angeles based creative is the founder of the conscious clothing collective Mystic Tribe, an experienced numerologist, and an absolutely stellar pop vocalist. The latter makes its way to the […]

Honors – X2UO

The dudes in Honors are simply put some of the best in the r&b game and immediately need more shine. They sit somewhere between a band and a collective but whatever you want to call them, the music they put out absolutely slaps. “X2UO” is a natural step into an even catchier direction for them […]

WITHOUT – Talking Bout Me (ft. Empara Mi)

WITHOUT came onto my radar with “Love Liike This”, a tropical infused single that conjured up the perfect sound to get me through the oh-so-cold Los Angeles winter months (it’s tough living in a city with the best weather in the world)! The duo’s newest is a collaboration with Empara Mi that builds upon their […]

Viceroy – Caught Me A Rhythm (Feat. Marc E. Bassy)

I’ve caught myself a rhythm lately. I’ve had arguably the most successful two weeks of work to date, I’m staying in constant contact with the universe around me and have shifted focus from myself to the greater picture, and I recognize the gift of exponential room to grow in my future. That’s a cause to […]

Caden Jester – Vacant Love (feat. Blake Rose)

I wasn’t previously familiar with Caden Jester, but this single came through my inbox and quickly caught my attention. Titled “Vacant Love”, it’s a Blake Rose assisted cut that dives into utterly infectious electronic territory. The verses have a traditional main-stage flair that hints at a big-room climax, but the drop provides a welcomed switch […]

Two Can – Got Habits

Two Can’s newest is an anthem that’s just waiting to blow up. It slowly swells with energy until the production gives way to a stretchy drop and the vocals take the song in its entirety to the next level. They remind me of the balance of sassy and sweet that Charli XCX brings to the […]


We’ve all been there – there’s a friend who we love dearly, but patience be damned, we simply don’t like the people around them. Maybe it’s the way they talk, maybe it’s the views the espouse, maybe it’s the way they laugh, maybe it’s the vibe they carry…regardless of the reason at hand, the resentment […]

Pretty Sister – Tension

Pretty Sister is a master of making of sultry music that you can feel the tension through, so it’s only fitting that the Z-Funk pioneer comes equipped with a new one called “Tension”. It’s a perfect summertime jam that demands listening at high volumes with good vibes flowing and no end to the day or […]