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Joselyn – Savior

Don’t need to be my savior…I need encouragement and assistance from those around me, but I know that no one person will be my savior. It’s an incremental process that requires communal love and support reciprocated among people, but most importantly, growth within. That doesn’t mean I’ve never seen someone or something as my savior […]

PLVTINUM – London’s Calling

A work friend remarked the other day that they wouldn’t expect me to be wearing a Madonna shirt – it makes since considering I’m a bearded 6’2″ guy who usually rocks metal merch, but it’s also hilarious considering I have Duran Duran’s Rio artwork permanently etched into my skin and a playlist ranging from Fergie […]

EMBRZ – Doubt House

I’m not sure what genre “Doubt House” falls under, but I do know it’s contemporary electronic music at its finest. The synthesizers and percussion are intricately woven, the vocals are affecting, the overall atmosphere a heady all-encompassing haze. It’s a natural step forward for EMBRZ, a producer who I’ve watched grow from promising raw talent […]

WITHOUT – Love Liike This (feat. Essie)

WITHOUT’s newest conjures up images of brisk ocean breeze on a slightly cloudy day where the sun shines through. The tropical synths complete a groove that warrants a carefree sway back, forth, back and forth (rest in peace Aaliyah). With winter almost upon us, it’s a welcomed dive into the ocean depths with a smile […]

Lonely Benson – Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)

On his new single, Lonely Benson takes on “Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” – one of Hall & Oates’ many classic tracks – in colorfully saturated style. The quirky synths feel like they’re stripped from the workings of a psychedelic cartoon, the bossa nova flute solo feels like a tropical mid 20th century […]

ASH – Hold On Me

Love is a visceral emotion. It’s not just relayed through happiness in our brains, but it’s a physical sensation. It makes our bodies feel exhilaration and deep satisfaction. It’s also something that can’t simply be turned on and off on command. It seems ASH understands that notion more than most on her brand new single […]

Kaerhart – Drain My Love

Kaerhart is a songwriter turned solo artist and her debut single makes it apparent in the most positive context. “Drain My Love” is an intricately woven electro-pop track whose structure could only be pieced together by a professional. Each verse is maximized to its fullest emotional potential, leading into a hook with a start-and-stop percussion […]

Kastrup – Try It All

I’m an absolute sucker for some sweet Swedish melodies – I don’t know if it’s in the water or what, but there’s something about the country that understands infectious songwriting more than anywhere else in the world. Case and point: Kastrup’s “Try It All”. The way they annunciate “I wanna try, try it all” is […]

THEY. – Truth Be Told (ye. remix)

THEY. are one of the most exciting young acts that have mainstream potential. “U RITE” for example is a smash that sounds just as proper blasting through my headphones as it does soundtracking an NBA commercial. Their genre-bending energy is infectious enough to lock in audiences far beyond a cool kid niche which promises serious […]

SIYONI & Tazzy – Stay Young

You can always trust Elysian to deliver some of the dopest electronic trap music out there…this new joint from  SIYONI is a perfect example as he infuses haunting melodies into clattering percussion. Tazzy provides a perfect complement to the hazy atmosphere with powerful vocals that have a dramatic edge. The red fountain on the album […]