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Converse Rubber Tracks: A Public Service Announcement

I don’t have time for anything anymore because I’m doing everything. Every second of the day is spent either learning how to program Swift, writing music for multiple projects, curating thousands of brands around the world, trying to wrap my head around the ever-changing global financial crisis or deepening my relationship with creativity and self-expression. […]

On The Road

  And You Know I Was Supposed To Be On My Own And We Know All We Ever Wanted Is On The Road“ I’ve taken planes by myself to places that I never thought I would see. I’ve sailed on yachts on bodies of water I never knew existed, and have taken trains to stations […]

Are You Awake?

I live within two realities built into one world. In one reality, I go to sleep to get there, waking up in a life that I control every aspect to. In the other reality, I never remember how I got here or where exactly I came from, and everyone around me is in the same […]

The Future of the Space Age

My sister just graduated from law school. I love her beyond anything I could say and I’m proud but the truth is that accomplishment is just a reflection of the person she’s become, and that is what I’m most proud about. We grew up in 3333 Broadway, a project in uptown Manhattan that’s now being […]

Aline – Je bois et puis je danse

Space Age Bachelor Pad Music

I Don’t Want To Make Love

I don’t want to make love. The energy of the world right now for whatever reason is not of love but of passion. I don’t want to caress you, I want to fuck you. I want you passionately, not passively and by you I mean everything. Now is not the time to settle for good enough, […]

The Human Must Travel

Consider yourself the luckiest human beings in the history of mankind. We now live in a world where the lines between reality and virtual reality are so blurred it’s increasingly more difficult to separate the two. People find as much identity flaunting in their Instagram post as they do walking down the street. Some people take […]

Crime of the Century

Imagine for a moment thinking that the very first person who gave you attention as a teenager was the best you could do. Having no life experience or understanding you think there’s no way you’ll find someone better and so you do drastic and desperate things to try to keep this person around, things that under any […]

People Should Be Performing for Each Other More

We don’t perform for each other enough. Think about that for a second, we go out to be entertained, we turn on a television to share someone else’s expression yet when was the last time you put on a show for someone close to you, someone you love? Over the holiday I went to visit […]

SOAK – B a noBody

SXSW was interesting this year. McDonalds made its first appearance, YouTube Music was there, Samsung was back selling TV’s after its music service Milk failed to catch on last year, Fader Fort had a surprise performance by Miley Cyrus, Marlboro was on hand trying to make cigarettes cool, and all sorts of fun corporation culture vulture […]