OK Go – End Love

Chicken Little is a bird of pure intentions and emotions. The story is about one chicken’s search for courage and reason (through hysteria and fear mongering). “End Love” tells a similar story, and not just because of the refrain. Lead singer Damian Kulash croons with encouragement and sincerity.

No one’s gonna catch you if you can’t just let go. No one’s gonna love you if you can’t let love show…And it’s end love, the sky is falling.”

OK Go, initially a strictly defined “pop rock” outfit, matured and rebelled with Of the Blue Colour of the Sky in 2010. Cutting ties with EMI and Capitol Records, the band re-released its album under their newly formed independent label, Paracadute Recordings. Paracadute is the Italian word for parachute. Escape route, anyone?

Their songs are sometimes delicate and fragile, dancing through the affections of love. Others are anthemic ballads of triumph and purpose. Known for their choreographed and colorful videos, the band creates a world of imagination, shapes and colors bursting to life. For another homage to childhood, check out the life-size Mousetrap in “This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Machine version).”

OK Go – End Love