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.dxf – Keygen

Technology is a fascinating thing. We’ve transcended humanity’s physical limitations and tapped into an infinite resource that aids us in a variety of ways, the most exciting being advances in trading of information and creating art in my humble opinion. The fact that bits and pieces of humanity’s all-encompassing knowledge can be traded amongst one […]

Louis Futon – Royal Blood (ft. Keiynan Lonsdale)

I’ll admit that I know Keiynan Lonsdale for his role on The Flash more than his music career, but “Royal Blood” shows that I’ll have to start keeping tabs on both of the young kid’s artistic ventures. He has such a smooth voice that it feels almost conversational as he promises “I’m never gonna leave […]

Saukrates – Mysterium (ft. SonReal)

It’s not often that the old school and new school collide with cohesion these days, but Saukrates has always had an ear for what’s hot. SonReal has way more in common with traditional hip-hop than the Soundcloud rap sphere, sure, but it’s impressive how a rising star goes bar for bar with a living legend. […]

Sumera – Faith

I had a revealing discussion about faith last night. Short of a few months in middle school, I’ve never believed in a Judeo-Christian god. I’m at a point in my life where I need a higher power, yet my previous experiences with faith left a bad taste in my mouth – a crippled man telling […]

Two Friends – While We’re Dreaming (ft. Kevin Writer)

While we’re dreaming…as a teenager, I dreamed of writing about music, so I took the plunge and began writing. As a college freshman, I dreamed of doing PR, so I offered to run press for a few bands and began working. As a college senior, I dreamed of moving to LA to pursue my music […]

Cardiknox – Bad Boys

“Why do I fall for the bad boys, maybe I’m not such a good girl.” This song speaks to me.  I mean literally it’s telling my story in terms of my dating life.  It’s actually kind of a depressing subject , maybe more dark comedy, but this track really gives the subject a happy feeling. […]

FARR – Rebel Soul

FARR’s newest is a versatile track that navigates electro-rock stylings like a gymnast walking across a tightrope. It’s a track that immediately makes the music industry gears in my brain start turning and recognize the potential of “Rebel Soul”. Radio airplay? Check. Spotify playlists? Check. Advertisements placements? Check! Apologies for being an enabler of the […]

Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Auxil Edition)

On the heels of their killer Blondie flip, electronic scene newcomers Auxil are back with a brand new remix that I’m super stoked on because they’ve decided to take a swing at Little Dragon’s “Ritual Union”. They twist the indie-pop gem into a driving deep house joint that I’d love to hear pumping out of […]

Golden Vessel – Right / Side

Golden Vessel’s Right / Side is a prime example of genres melting away into sonic bliss. I had the pleasure of reviewing the EP’s lead single “Shoulders” at the beginning of the summer and it was a much-needed boost of positivity at a rough time in my life. Golden Vessel set such a mood on […]

Kendall Morgan – Undertow

One of my best friends bought me Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasms for my 20th birthday. I loaded it into my iTunes and spun it while laying on the beach, the sun soaking my skin as I faded away into a daydream state. It was the perfect soundtrack, like a lazy river had come to life […]