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Madison Mars Feat. Caslin – All They Wanna Be

As long as there’s sunny weather and packed out music festivals, summery house tracks will always have a place to shine. Madison Mars keeps that uplifting trend in motion on “All They Wanna Be”, a shimmering cut that feels like a breath of fresh tropical air on the California coast. The airy production comes alongside […]

William Darc – My Drug

The art direction for William Darc’s “My Drug” is absolutely insane. The callback to horror tropes like the bat, the ominous red-soaked skull, the death metal font – it all wraps into an expertly curated aesthetic that oozes a grim ethos. Speaking of grim, this track was produced by one of my favorite Toronto duos, […]

Molly Moore – Tough Love

“Put in the work, sometimes it hurts, can’t give enough, give me tough love.” Molly Moore is laying down straight wisdom on her brand new single. One of the most important conversations of my life came after a major misstep at work as my boss gave me a wakeup call that made me realize my […]

LEVV – Hands On Me

This track speaks specifically to a situation that we are facing today here and now.  This track is a true story that speaks on sexual assault, about the artist who trusted someone who stole her trust.  This is such a touchy subject, but one that many of us are finally speaking out about, I know […]

ARONA MANE – Oscar (feat. P.T)

Released at a fitting time as any, this new joint from ARONA MANE and P.T. is a jam that lives up to its gold-plated source material. It’s sleek and smooth, like riding through Beverly Hills with the top down and soaking up the entire moment. The retro-future tag is also super fitting as the track […]

Yahtzel – Someone Else ft. Savoi (StéLouse Remix)

StéLouse is a name that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time in the electronic scene. He’s a super versatile producer that always releases material that hits me on a level beyond surface level enjoyment. His new remix of Yahtzel’s “Someone Else” is no different. Savoi’s gorgeous vocals still remain but he accelerates […]

PLVTINUM – hung up on u

PLVTINUM’s new single is a visceral, r&b flavored take on late-night hookups that provides enough mental imagery for a short film. The opening line, “Cracks in your phone screen, touch yourself while you text me,” gives the song an unmistakable sense of place within the 21st century – this isn’t just a general hookup, it’s […]

Restless Modern – To Come Undone

I’ve been following Restless Modern’s releases closely over the past few months, so it’s exciting to see his work culminate in the release of a debut EP. Led by two singles that existed on polar ends of the indie-electro spectrum in “Chasing” and “Haunted”, he fleshes out that diversity in sounds even further. There’s gorgeous, […]

The Prodigy – Omen (Vicetone Remix)

It’s absolutely fucking ballsy to remix legends like The Prodigy, but Vicetone have conjured up an “Omen” reinterpretation that does well to justify ifs creation. Grounded in the upbeat ethos of the original track, it uses the original’s war-cry of a synth to build maximum tension before allowing the sweet release of a drop primed […]

Surprise Party! – Surprise Party! EP

For a brand new duo, Surprise Party! have a killer EP on their hands. It’s an unmistakable product of the internet age where influences across time and space are compiled into a compelling framework. Take the lead single “I Know U Know”, for instance; it’s built around a deep groove topped with house-leaning percussive flair, […]