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PLVTINUM – 12 Step Plan

PLVTINUM always comes through with infectious dance-pop jams and this one is no different. Titled “12 Step Plan”, it’s a super bouncy bop that twists and turns through wonderfully radio ready vibes. I totally mean it as a compliment when I say it feels like Backstreet Boys and The Chainsmokers fused into one pop entity, […]

Pretty Sister – Gotta Move Around

Pretty Sister has gotta move around on this new single which a straight up smash. I’ve been a fan of Pretty Sister for years now and his z-funk sound only continues to get better and more refined with every release. This has gotta be the most layered song he’s put out yet – there’s so […]

Half An Orange – Buzz Lightyear

This is the first time I’ve been tipped off about Half An Orange and I couldn’t be happier. “Buzz Lightyear” is such a sweet single to get totally lost within. It’s like looking up into the night sky and wondering what’s out there while thinking about all the emotions that are contained within. The production […]

Anna Dadnia – Take What You Want

Anna Dadnia comes through with an insanely confident new single called “Take What You Want” that flaunts serious pop and r&b swagger. She glides on the beat so smoothly and hits all the right pockets with precision. Her vocals are really refreshing and are perfect for the moody trap instrumental. That all goes hand in […]

Gill Chang & Stonefox – Vibrations

Talk about a beautiful way to start this sunny Tuesday morning. I’ve never been super up to date on Gill Chang or Stonefox but this single has made sure that I’ll be looking out for everything they release from here on out. It’s the perfect mix of really pretty indie-pop and bouncy modern electronic sounds. […] – Crash

This single from is absolutely beautiful and I’m at a borderline loss for words. It’s like the best moments of Purity Ring are fused with an indie-pop edge and turned into something totally stunning and fresh. This is electronic music at its absolute finest and it’s no surprise that Foreign Family Collective were the […]

michael casper – black lipstick

michael casper blew me away on “teenage apathy” and he delivers again on “black lipstick”. It’s a brand new single that fleshes out his sound to make him feel like a sage of r&b. Every line he delivers is hypnotic and puts you in a trance state where you’re totally engrossed in the world he’s […]

Tommy Newport – On Top

Tommy Newport’s new single, “On Top”, has a timeless quality to it that makes it transcend the present moment. It could have come out this year, a decade ago, or decades ago and I wouldn’t flinch (which I mean as a total compliment). It’s organic alt-rock at its finest that taps a bit of funk […]

Cait – Stay Out

I’m feeling fortunate to start this November morning off with some understated pop perfection. Cait’s “Stay Out” traverses borderline ballad and uplifting anthem territory without ever sounding overproduced or overdone. It’s an exercise in how to deliver infectious melodies while still feeling honest and organic. The instrumental is crisp and gives room for Cait to wax […]

Justin Caruso – Don’t Know You (feat. Jake Miller)

Justin Caruso has always had a knack for making sweetly melodic electronic songs, but this might be the first one I’ve heard from him that delivers some wonderfully welcomed edge. Called “Don’t Know”, it’s a Jake Miller assisted bop that begins with pure pop courtesy of strummed acoustic guitar and Miller’s vocals traced through one […]