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du0 – Come Home | Better Place

du0’s new pair of singles feel like being taken to a secular church with a communal channeling of the positive spirit of the universe. There’s a thread of pure joy and optimism running through these tracks, unlocking pleasure centers within the brain that rush upon arrival, overwhelming the self with a sense of comfort akin […]

Louie Blue – Notes EP

I had the privilege of listening to Louie Blue’s debut EP before it came out and man am I excited to share this with you today. In case you’re unfamiliar, he’s a Nordic teenager with the musical maturity of a seasoned veteran. You could place his music somewhere between indie, r&b, and neo-soul, but to […]

Dad – Fresher

Dad returns with a third single that’s easily the enigmatic project’s best work yet. Featuring woozy r&b production like kaleidoscopic cough syrup come to life, the accompanying vocals are a beautiful expose of transcending mental health obstacles in the new millennium. The enchanting cartoon character that fronts the project is a picture perfect complement, making […]

EMPT Presents: Le Miel des Mois – Décembre et Janvier

EMPT Presents: Le Miel des Mois – Décembre 2019 et Janvier 2020

Kazy Lambist – Oh My God

Brilliant, ahead of his time, utterly gifted, a talent unmatched…those are just a few ways I would describe Kazy Lambist. I’ve been a fan of his for years and he’s never once disappointed. In fact, he raises the bar with every single track and then leaps over that bar into a new stratosphere. Case and […]

The Geek x Vrv – Roller Disco 1980 (ft. Hi Levelz)

You’d never know this track came from France in 2020 because it has all the trappings of a funky, hip-hop fusion that feels straight from the heat of when these two genres originally intersected. The Geek x Vrv have been on an absolute hot streak with the string of singles coming from their upcoming debut […]

Fytch – Radiate

We hadn’t heard much from Fytch for a minute, but it turns out he’s been working on his best music yet. “Radiate” makes that crystal clear as he takes cosmic electronic synths and blends them with organic guitars, and of course, his emotional vocals to wrap it all into one stunning package.  This song really […]

S+C+A+R+R – You’re The One (From “I Lost My Body”)

S+C+A+R+R has proven himself to be an electronic mastermind with vocoder touches that feel more human than any given acoustic comparison. His vocals are utterly rich, optimistic, signaling pure love and hope, all washing over you as the song slowly wraps around like a warm blanket. His newest single comes from the animated film I […]

Super Duper – Montage

I’m grounded in a taste initiated by old school hip-hop, so consider me pleasantly surprised as Super Duper puts aside his electronic sound for an instrumental that wouldn’t sound out of place on my ’90s mixtapes. It has the perfect amount of percussive punch to drive it along with force while the vocal samples are […]

Xie – Jungle Juice

Xie’s melodic trap sound enthralled me throughout 2018, so it’s a pleasure to see her return to our pages near the end of 2019. With that significant space between releases, it seems she’s been evolving her sound even further as “Jungle Juice” is a densely atmospheric cut that vocally evokes the likes of Purity Ring […]